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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Elder Inman Letter November 3, 2014

A Month of Miracles

Happy belated Halloween! I was a missionary for Halloween and believe me...people find that far more scary on their doorstep than any other costume. Daylight savings just started so now it's dark at like 5:30. People try to use the excuse that it's late...and we remind them it is only 6:00pm. Haha then they get to hear our message on the doorstep.

We've spent quite a bit of time tracting lately. Shepherd is difficult to tract because we have to find random dirt roads with at least 5 houses on them. Neighborhoods don't exist here. In doing so, you find lots of interesting people. For example, we found a cross-dressing Muslim. That was a fun door to knock. We put another man on date though! Jeff Morrison was a guy we tracted into about requesting "Meet the Mormons." We had a our ward mission leader there with us and taught the Restoration. It was a super distracted lesson but he accepted to be baptized the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Wednesday we had Zone Training. I love giving discussions! I talked all about covenants and what it means to have genuine love and commitment to the Savior (one of our mission goals). We compared the way Preach my Gospel defines 'Progressing, other, former, and potential investigators" to how we are as missionaries. If we are keeping ALL our commitments (covenants) to the Savior defining us as Progressing, or if we were :other/former/potential" missionaries showing only some interest. Quite the obedience smackdown but I enjoyed it :) Wednesday night we had the Shepherd ward trunk or treat and I had like 6 cupcakes from the cake walk haha. Felt sick afterward.

Halloween is interesting as a missionary. President Mecham counseled us to be inside by 6pm or to be with an active member doing wholesome activities. We had a dinner that went long with a less-active member and then went home. The Lockwood Elders met with us at our apartment and we baked a "Jack-O-Lantern" pizza from Papa Murphey's and had slushed IBC Root beer. Followed by watching Ephraim's Rescue :) So it was enjoyable! Thanks for the Kit-kats too!

October was an incredible month. President Mecham told me I would be in this zone until I made a lasting impact on it. This month we had 6 baptisms and 13 reactivations :) All a result of the missionaries dedication, faith, repenting, and good works (Alma 26:22)! I am blessed to be serving here and the Lord is blessing us with people to teach! I love being a missionary!

These are pictures from Halloween this year. One is Elder Partridge...he had a lady in his ward hemmed his pants and taped "Smarties" to it. Smarty Pants! The girl with the mask was at our dinner.