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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Elder Inman Letter October 27, 2014

Receive the Holgy Ghost!

What a great week. So many good things are happening! I am far less stressed this week than I was the previous week. We are back to just the two of us.

Tuesday I got to do something I haven't done in over a year when I was in Billings before. Elder Griffith and I were called by the Fleet Commander (or Car Czar) to pick up two brand new 2014 Nissan Frontiers. We got to drive separate too which is kind of fun. That evening we had a new member discussion with Michelle Penning at a members home. We attempted to teach the third discussion (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) among the screaming of small children. It went ok I guess haha. Afterwards we went on splits with Shepherd ward. Brother Cook (our Ward Mission Leader) and I went to go see Claudia. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and is even bringing it to her doctors appointments this weekend while she is in the waiting room! Woot woot!

Wednesday we met with Bishop Tilley to discuss someone who was being interviewed that morning for baptism. He has many odd views and quite the history. President Mecham felt it was best to have both the District Leader and the Bishop present for the interview. Bishop Tilley worked for the CIA for 25 years so he has a pretty developed gift of discernment (enhanced also by his calling as a common judge in Israel). We were asked to meet with the Bishop prior to the interview to tell him everything I knew from helping teach. The interview went well and I guess it was fairly intense. He passed and it was determined that despite some of the odd views and history, the candidate has accepted the invitation to be baptized by proper authority and he knows it only resides in this church.

Also on Wednesday we had District Meeting and drove down to Hardin (about 50 miles) on the reservation to do a mid-transfer adjustment. We got permission to drive the big van in order to save miles so that was fun.

Thursday started the 100 day count-down till home...not ready for that! The day was well spent. We did lots of planning for our week as well as for zone training coming up next week. In the afternoon we got a call from a lady who is not a member to help move her washer and dryer out and then install her new ones. They were in the basement so we had to move up and down stairs with a narrow hallway. Apparently she looked us up in the phone book! We had Skyview splits that night and got into a home that no one has been able to since last December. We didn't know that till yesterday so we were pretty excited that the spirit told us what to say at their doorstep. Another family said they were going less-active because they hadn't had good home teachers in four years and would not come to church unless they had a good home teachers. I have to say that is a new excuse I haven't heard before! Do your home and visiting teaching! On the other hand, don't let lazy home teachers keep you from the blessings of the sacrament, the temple, and eternal life!

Friday we did 3 baptismal interviews for the Lake Hills sisters! They found a family who is more than prepared. I had the privilege of interviewing the father, Brother Elkin. I have interviewed lots of people but I have never interviewed someone as prepared as he was. He is a young father with an 8 year old and I think a 4 year old. We both left that room in tears because I think we both understood just how much his life and his families lfe was going to change by living the gospel. How great is my calling!

Saturday we had such a good breakfast. Brother Lyon is on the high council and the two of them help us out so much. Each transfer they feed us breakfast. We had pumpkin french toast, a breakfast casserole of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and orange juice and chocolate milk. I ate a ton. The stake president came too and shared a message. Afterward we attended the baptism of Phil Tilley and then drove down to Hardin for a fourth baptismal interview.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to confirm Phil Tilley. I had never performed a confirmation before and I have to admit I was very nervous. There aren't many words you have to say exactly, but something about standing in front of a ward with a microphone to my mouth and a circle of Priesthood brethren scared me. My experience was much different. After saying the words, "Receive the Holy Ghost" it was as if my mind separated from my body. I opened my mouth and it was filled with words I still do not remember saying. I was overcome with overwhelming warmth and chills of confirmation that I had spoken the words of the Lord and not my own. This experience was probably the closest I have come to experiencing what it is like to share the mind and will of the Lord.

Glad to hear things are going well at home! I so wish I could be at the temple open house. What a sweet experience to be able to tour the temple and to soak it all in. I plan on seeing it when I go home! I love you all and have a great week!

Pictures of the sunrise. And some random turkey's