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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Elder Inman Letter August 25, 2014


This was the biggest transfer this mission has ever seen. So many zones got swiped clean and everyone got moved around. So things have been hectic seeing as everyone is new to their areas. I'll get into that in a bit.

Leaving Powell was kind of sad but I think I was ready for it to happen. I truly love Powell and the people I had the opportunity to work with, but I was there for a while and was getting burned out. Monday and Tuesday were spent saying lots of goodbye's to people. Fortunately, since I am so close to the temple, I will be able to see so many of these families go through the temple for either the first time or after having been away for decades. What a blessing!

Another blessing occurred Monday night. I was so sick. My stomach felt horrible, my head felt ready to implode, and by the time night came I had the chills really bad. I asked Elder Braden to give me a blessing. AS soon as he placed his hands on my head there was an immediate warmth that overtook my whole body and the chills ceased instantly. My stomach pain went away the head took a little more time. I am so thankful for the Priesthood and its healing power!

Tuesday evening I drove to Billings and stayed the night with Elders Black, Thomas, and Paris (previous ZL's). The apartment they left us was a complete mess and the car was super dirty. It was not appreciated at all. Also coming to find out that they have not kept an accurate area book for the past 6 weeks and left behind absolutely no calendar of people they meet with daily. Great job Elders, way to let the area fail on account of slothfulness and laziness. So Elder Griffith and I spent THREE DAYS creating an environment where we could at least feel the Holy Ghost and detailed the car (purchased with TITHING funds) that they failed to take car of. So frustrating.

Thursday was crazy. There was an Elder sent to our mission who actually went into the MTC in NOVEMBER of last year but had to stay due to an ACL tear. He went home for surgery and came back out recently...this Elder confessed something in an interview with President. President Mecham called his Bishop and Stake President to seek counsel, only to find out that NIETHER of them had knowledge that this Elder had been set apart!!!! Someone WITHOUT authority (priesthood keys) set this Elder apart and sent him on a mission. How sad and devastating is that?! So we were assigned this Elder all day to keep him busy. We took him out to lunch and to several appointments, gave him a priesthood blessing and he had to go home Friday morning. I felt so bad for this kid. He's this big Samoan teddy bear. The last days or what?

This weekend consisted of lots of planning, coordinating efforts with the Sister Training Leaders and District Leaders, etc. Getting doubled into an area with no area book or knowledge of who is who is quite frustrating. So we have been doing a lot of planning. This week will be even crazier. For Mission Leadership Council we are actually having a 2 day seminar complete with broadcast, temple attendance (yay!) and who knows what else. Then we have a Zone Training this Thursday we have to plan for and then a baptism happening this Saturday in a river in our ward haha.

This time last year I was in Billings and we set up a concert for Jordan Sparks. Remember that? Well being In Billings again, we did the same thing but for Shania Twain this year haha. It's been raining 5 days straight here and I actually love it. The weather is in the 60's and it is just perfect!

Other than that we have church every Sunday from 9:30AM till 4PM! It's quite the day but curch is good. The wards are excited and Shepherd ward (one of my wards) actually has 2 sets of missionaries in it. We cover the boonies.

Glad Jesse enjoyed his birthday party! You'll have to watch that kid haha. That is so funny that the DJ knows Jesse. I'm sure he has quite the reputation. My companion is sweet. Elder Griffith and I came out together. He is from Pleasant Grove, UT. Have a great week!

Elder Braden