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Monday, August 18, 2014

Elder Inman Letter August 18, 2014

Well ... back to BILLINGS!

Yep, I am being shipped back to Billings! Not to the YSA ward though. I will be a Zone Leader with Elder Griffith (who I also came out with!) in Skyview and Shepherd Wards! I'm so stoked because I know several members from the Rimrock YSA ward that live in both of those areas :D However, it is also very bittersweet to leave behind so many people I have become so close with here in Powell and I am bummed that I didn't get to spend as much time with Elder Braden. But the Lord needs me elsewhere and I am excited to respond! That also means I'll be sending home quite a bit of stuff to make room in my suitcase. I have accumulated a lot.

It was another week of exchanges with the Cody Elders. I was with Elder Slade again and we did our free lemonade stand once again! This time it was far more successful and we gave out probably over 50 cups! Each cup had a handwritten scriptural phrase on it in case they didn't want to hear our message...they get a mini message anyway!

It was also a week of is horrible. While walking by all these irrigated fields, we get swarms that follow us and bite us through our slacks. I resulted to running from appointment to appointment because it was so bad. But what can ya do?

Friday we helped a man was quite disgusting and probably hazardous. He was not at all even slightly prepared for us to help him move. There were piles of clothes that haven't been washed for at least a year, a "hide-a-bed" with enough food in it to feed the 2000 stripling warriors and there were plenty of used napkins stuck to the furniture. So of course the missionaries get called because we're suckers for service haha. You could barely breathe. Then we moved a gross freezer that was leaking meat juice from over 3-5 year (at least) expired meat! Mmmmmmmm. It was a good experience. Later that day we went to Steve Rakness' house where we went on the roof of his camper to repair a tear he had acquired camping. We just used duct tape till we could get a patch on there.

Saturday was spent finding and we did another lemonade stand. We had one guy talk to us for like 20 minutes about his theories on things. It was interesting lol. We actually got cookies donated from Subway (a less-active owns it) so that brought in a few more people. We ended with like 5 gallons of lemonade left over haha. Later that night we found a small event  in the park. They do R/C car racing and it's a big deal. There is a track and everything! 

Some other fun events included a fish taco dinner with the Young's. I only had was way good haha. But I 'm getting back into shape and hopefully I'll be back to where I was when I came out!

Well this letter is pretty short! But it was a good week and I have a lot to pack. Thank you for the letter Grandpa and Grandma, I got it! i love you and miss all of you. I am jealous that you get to go to the temple open house. Have a great week and send all mail to the mission home address!

RC Track

Lemonade Stand

RC Cars

Buggy Race!