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Monday, May 19, 2014

Elder Inman Letter May 19, 2014

This week was SO long

Hello Everyone. How are you...FANTASTIC (Old Spice). Well this week was a challenging one for sure. We have a lot of missionaries that choose to hate us for instructing them how to improve their area...consecration. You would think that after all we ask others to do to change their lives (give up bad habits, be baptized, come back to church), it would be easy to stop eating lunch together every day (which is what we asked them to do). But you know...what ever haha.

We taught 29 lessons this week which is pretty good. Second highest (to 30). One of them was with Braden, a Less-Active. Him and his girlfriend are having financial trouble and we promised them in the name of the Lord that if they prayed every single day without fail, AND read the Pamphlet we gave them, they would find financial stability. Braden prayed out loud for probably the first time in 20 years. So sweet!

Tuesday night we found Beau Brown at the Library. He told us he had actually paid his tithing and received an almost immediate blessing from it! It is always so cool to hear those stories. We also found a new part-member less-active family. The wife (the member) was actually a "DO NOT CONTACT" but we didn't know that...she was pretty antagonistic towards us at first but the Spirit provided and she accepted the read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! Her reasoning at first was that, "I just never bought it! Joseph Smith had to be on something..." Upon inquiry of if she has EVER read the BOM and prayed about it she said no. We told her that she has absolutely no basis on deciding if he was a Prophet or not if she has not read it. It's amazing to me the excuses people come up with. :)

Funny story time! Wednesday night at like 11:30 PM, I woke up to see Elder Rasmusson laying on the floor. His pillow was my boot, and for whatever reason he was resting his feet on some packages I received a while ago...I asked him about it the next morning and he had no memory of it at all haha. The NEXT night he was up at like 4AM and started shaking out his sheets to make his bed. He then was kneeling on the floor doing stretches and praying. He stood up and started to walk towards the study room when he saw the clock...and went back to bed. Lightened my mood a bit! 

Things were shaky this week with the Young's. We went over to invite them to Stake Conference and they 100% decided they would not go...and they were a bit confrontational about it which upset me. But, she was still interviewed for Baptism and she, a long with Steve Rakness are getting baptized this Saturday :) We're excited about that!

Friday we found a lady that just moved from Singapore who has never heard of the Book of Mormon and possibly does not know who Christ is either. So we hope to start teaching her a bit. Saturday I was physically exhausted. We got a call from Mariana (a non-member) saying that she had a friend that found out she needed to be out of her house THAT day and had no one to help her. So for FOUR hours, we helped this lady move. It wasn't until about 3 hours in that we realized we were helping this lady move into her boyfriend's house -__-. Wasn't happy about that lol.

The Cody Stake had Stake Conference this weekend. It was SO good! Saturday Adult Session was all about missionary work (which is awesome), and Sunday Morning session had some of the best talks I've ever heard. Afterwards we had a BBQ at a member's home with a few younger couples and their kids. We later saw a less-active family named the Kary's. Brother Kary does a lot of woodwork, and he actually built a COFFIN with Elk antlers as handles...for his friend (who is still alive and in like his 40's) haha. Today we plan on hanging out with Brother George, our Ward mission Leader, on his tractor. Should be fun!

I got Torie's graduation announcement! I can't believe how fast time has flown by! And your CLASS MOTTO is a quote by President Monson?! Haha that is awesome! I am proud of you Torie and sounds like you were pretty decorated with Chords and all kinds of stuff! You are so smart and you have a very bright future ahead of you. Just always remember that what you have comes from the Lord and that he has big plans for you!

Well that's about it. I've been running a mile every morning (weird right?) and I am so out of shape haha. Hope you all have a great week!