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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elder Inman Letter May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

It has yet again been a record breaking week! 33 lessons taught, and we had TWO baptisms this week for Powell 3rd Ward! It was seriously the most spiritually rewarding week of my entire mission. But I'll talk more about that later :)

So let's see... Monday I bought a toy steer from the 80's that comes with two ropes to practice roping hahahahaha. I got it from Ken Wyckoff (our less-active who owns a cowboy shop), and got it for 5 bucks! So for P-day we practiced our rodeo skills on our small steer. Also went bowling in the evening at the bowling alley we helped stain wood at a few months ago. Super Ghetto but cheap and fun :D

Tuesday we went to Lovell's District Meeting and on the way home stopped in a small town called Deaver (less than 150 people). We found a food truck there called, "Jen's Little China" which was pretty good! Not quite Panda Express, but good stuff.

Wednesday was awesome haha. In the morning from about 7:30AM to noon, we helped out at the George farm. The George's have a long established dairy farm and is actually in the top 5 producing dairy farms in the Nation! I would love to work for him before college. Brother George had us man his forklift and move pallets of expensive corn around (each bag was like $300). Then we went into his planting tractor and he showed us how it's all done. It has an expensive GPS system that literally drives the tractor by itself via Satellites, so corrugate in a straight line. It goes specifically 4.5 MPH for optimum seed spacing. So we planted Corn which is sweet. Afterwards we helped his brother Arley irrigate. We basically opened flood gates and lay water. We helped move some pipe too.

Thursday Steve had his bap interview and was excited he passed haha! I also mowed a law in full white shirt and tie for the Pederson's. I was extremely dirty it was awesome.

I'm skipping Friday because I was so excited about Saturday :) We were at the church from about 7AM to probably 5:30 PM for baptisms. There were only 3, but at 11, 2, and 4, so we had to continually drain and refill the font for warm water! It was the highlight of my mission probably. Steve's baptism was at 11. There was more non-member and less-active family there than there was active members! It was SO cool to see Steve get baptized. Their beautiful family can now become sealed in a year :) Tracey's baptism really got me...bad. We've been working with her ever since I got here. I gave talks at both of these baptisms on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. When I testified to Tracey that all of her past mistakes and burdens were completely gone, I could not control my tears. Knowing how much she has bee through, and her husband who hasn't been active since he was a teacher, got to baptize her and their 8 year old son. It was powerful.

Yesterday was both Steve and Tracey's confirmations. I had to opportunity of standing in both circles :D WE also got transfer news.... I'M STAYING IN POWELL WITH ELDER RASMUSSON ANOTHER 6 WEEKS! This will make 6 months as companions Doesn't happen often, so we were both extremely stoked about that. We love it here.

As for why this email is so late, we actually were planning on emailing tomorrow since all the libraries are closed. But our appointments fell through, and we ended up doing service all day anyway for Brother George's Dairy Farm! Today we hauled irrigation 12' pipe over about 85 forearms are torn. I have never been so fatigued haha. I loved it though! Hope you all have a great week and here's a few pictures!

Steve is the one with just a white shirt on and a beard right next to me. The Young's are the one's with bad lighting.