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Monday, May 12, 2014

Elder Inman Letter May 12, 2014

Cinco De May to Mother's Day

It was so good so see all of you yesterday! Even if it was just for a short amount of time. I haven't cried like that in a while and it felt good. Well in stead of Cinco de Mayo, we had a Zone Preparation day in cody. All of us played Frisbee, dodgeball, and soccer. Elder Rasmusson split up for the week, so he stayed in Cody till Friday night. I had Elder Eddington as my companion the first two days. We taught the kiers who have been reading Gospel Principles together! That was exciting. Steve Rakness is doing awesome, we taught him tithing this week and he said he was already planning on paying it! He's on fire.
We lunch with Marianna Stevenson Tuesday (the non-member missionary mom who we helped do yard work). It wasn't very productive, and we were freezing because we had to eat outside. We later that day moved a heavy wood stove for a less-active family (whom we have dinner with tonight). That stove had to have been upwards of 700 pounds. Made of iron and stone haha. That night we had to go to the college library for something and actually found Beau Brown there! Remember him? He's a less-active we worked quite bit with a few months ago. Well he works at the library and we went into one of the rooms and had a full fledged discussion on prayer and the Holy Ghost. it was awesome! I found out he actually went to church this week all three hours :D
Zone Training went well on Wednesday. Beau Brown actually came and helped Elder Eddington's role play! Beau just had to act less-active or as an investigator...which was just too fun for him haha. It really helped though.
April showers brings May...snow. In Wyoming anyway haha. It snowed twice this week! I love it though. I do not like the heat one bit. I would much rather be cold. By Wednesday I was with Elder Jackson on exchanges and we had a few good visits. I interviewed someone for baptism and then we went and visited the Youngs. Sister Young asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost because, "you're the reason I'm getting baptized!" is what she said. I hope I'm not the only reason she's getting baptized but it feels so good to definitely play a part! That was a good feeling. Something also cool about that appointment...Brother Young was ordained a priest last Sunday...and HE WENT HOME TEACHING! He isn't even assigned yet but he chose to tag a long with his fellowshipper and for doing so, he even got offered a job by a less-active. Talk about immediate blessings!
It was so good having Elder Rasmusson back Saturday. We both were happy to be back haha. We were both just drained and exhausted from exchanges. They are great missionaries with a lot of potential but just don't have the right desires sometimes. Saturday morning we cleaned up a gun range. All we had to do was replace backstops for the targets, and do a little clean-up. We also then did some service at, "Loaves and Fishes" which is at the city annex. Dated and moved lots of cans for poor families. That night, we had a REALLY good dinner with Bill Winters who is not a member. His wife is less-active. He cooked us steaks...mine was 22 ounces! Some of the best steak I have ever had! The both of them just got back from their trip to Nauvoo. Both really enjoyed it and showed us 2 hours worth of pictures haha. But we shared a mother's day message and the spirit was very strong.
And of course, yesterday was Mother's day! We stayed busy ALL DAY LONG. We had a lesson with Sharon, who is from Independence, Missouri. She belongs to the "Restoration" church which is a break off of the RLDS church, which is a break off from the LDS church! Is that crazy or what? From what it sounds like, she doesn't even really know what she believes but is willing to find out. It was an extremely tough lesson though, because the views of doctrine are SO similar, yet their church lacks the Priesthood and Prophets. After 3 tries...we got her to set a baptismal date. Thank you Heavenly Father!