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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Elder Inman Letter May 5, 2014


STEVE RAKNESS IS BACK ON DATE! We had the most lessons this week than I have my entire mission. We managed to teach 30 lessons, 17 of which were with investigators and the others were a mix of Less-Actives and Active members. We had so many miracles happen this week. "I lauve it" (Nacho).

Monday was an abnormal p-day. We helped someone move their wood stove and Steve actually came to help us do that. A short reminder, Steve Rakness is the husband of a recently active member, has two kids, works on the oil fields, and is super nice. He's awesome. Anyway, Sister Rakness got her patriarchal blessing last Sunday and it sounded profound. Sister Rakness said that the Patriarch right before the blessing, went into a room to pray, and came out, looked at Steve and said, "Steve I feel prompted to tell you that you can recieve a preisthood blessing." So that is what we did with our follow-up appointment this last Thursday :) I was privledged to give the blessing and that was the first blessing in a long time where I have actually choked up because of the Spirit and power in it. Stev is destined for great thigns and he accepted baptism for May 24, the same day as Tracy Young :) SO STOKED!

Also on Monday, we visited the Kier's, which is a part-member family. Brother Kier is less-active and was baptized in 2010. Sister Kier is Wicken, and they have a 7 year old son. At first, the wife seemed somewhat antagonistic towards what we were teaching. SHe had lots of fun questions like, " What's with the white underclothing? My inlaws (who are LDS) say they have numbers on them to help God remember his children...I'm pretty sure God is all-knowing and he knows me by name!" Yeah...she accepted by the end of the lesson that everything her inlaws ever told her was completely false haha. She is now actually taking some interest in Eternal Marriage and is taking the lessons over again with her husband! She also wanted doctrine on Dinosaurs...there is absolutely no doctrine on dinosaurs...except they are Terrestial beings. How sweet is that?!

President Mecham came down to interview half our zone Tuesday. Just like last time, he had us pre-interview missionaries. It's amazing the things you find out in those interviews haha. President also interviewed us as zone leaders. He told us we are doing awesome and does not plan on transfering either of us for a while because of the great work we are doing here. And then he told us things we need to fix within the zone.We have non-compliant missionaries haha.

Wednesday we did a lot of service. We first helmped a Native American Indian from Arizona who is Navajo. He needed a lot of lumber moved, most of which was flooring. We also helped clean a families home to help them get their depostit back before they moved. That house was horrifying. In the real meaning of the word. The basement had one working light bulb, a spin-dial telephone (which was dead), cracked walls, no carpet, squeeky faucets, parts of the ceiling missing, and a freezer that said, "Coolerator" on it...Not a good feeling there haha.

Other than seeing Stve on Thursday, we also finished interviews with the other half of the missionaries. The Davis family is doing awesome, they have been on fire as of late! They really want to go back the temple. We later moved a piano, and gave a blessing to a man with shingles.

Friday we planned for HOURS. The highlight of the day was actually going to see Braden Acton who lives with his girlfriend Dakota. She is not a member. Elder Rasmusson and I have been practicing testyifying to every single person we come into contact with. So at Braden's door we started testifying. Before the door was about to close, Dakota asked for a Priesthood blessing to help with depression. The real only cure for depression and spiritual healing is the scriptures, the Priesthood, faith, and prayer!

Dana Young was officially ordained to the office of a Priest so that he can baptize his family in the coming weeks :) What a powerful and great feeling to help someone come unto Christ and be worthy to help their family come unto Christ also! The Young's are such an inspiration to me. This Gospel can change anyone. ANYONE! No matter where they are currently at. It all rests on whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. I think everyone gets so scared when they see us because they think we are going to brainwash them into believing what we do. But the Lord does not work that way! We only know truth by Revelation. Personal Revelation. It is as simple as reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.

Torie looks beautiful as usual! That is so exciting that she got to go to two proms! It's so weird to see Lacey home, in regular clothes, without a tag, and watching movies haha. But I'm excited to see all of you next week! It will be in the later evening probably. Love you!


A desert called "7 Sins Brownies." A less-active gave them to us and thought it would be funny. Good thing there's repentance!

Wyoming Transportation

A tree made of bowling balls...

Steve Rakness' daughter drew us :)