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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elder Inman Letter March 17, 2014

Road Trips Rock

Hello family. How are you, FANTASTIC. Look at your weather. Now look at mine. Now back to your weather, now BACK to mine.'s not like mine (Old Spice). Haha things have been pretty crazy up here in the Big Horn Basin. Monday we travelled to Billings for Mission Leadership Council. We got there pretty late and didn't get to bed till about 1:30AM, only to get up to leave at 3:30AM. It was so fun though because Elder Organ (who I came out with) and ELDER SCHRAMM were there at the mission home! We all travelled together to Helena. There was a huge snow storm that caused a detour. Pretty awesome.
We got to MLC late because of the storm, so they started without us. It was a super spiritual meeting though. I heard probably the best live version of "Abide with me, Tis Eventide" I've ever heard. It was a sister who was called out on the spot to sing it by President Mecham. He said he felt prompted to ask her too. Although she was hesitant, she did and I really needed that. So cool. Some fun things as a result of that meeting, every area has texting now which is sweet! Originally it was just Zone Leaders, Assistants, and Sister Training Leaders that had it because we are the only mission in the world that uses Verizon. So everyone has texting (huge blessing). But what I am most excited about is President said he wants to make the Temple more available as missionaries. From now on, if we have  a Recent Convert doing baptisms, Reactivated Member attending, or Endowment of those we have baptized, we are permitted to attend!!!!! I was SO stoked! If we can get a ride with members, we are allowed to attend just not frequently.
After the meeting in Helena, it was back to Billings. We got home at about 8:30PM (long day) and the Wyoming South Zone Leaders wanted to go to "Steak-n'-Shake." It's similar to an In-N-Out but with a waiter. Had a crazy cool experience. A worker (not our waiter) came by our table and started asking us about Melchizidek and the 12 tribes. We were really skeptical at first thinking this was either going to be a bash, or an RM messing with us because he was beyond golden lol. He was extremely genuine. We were about to leave, and being the only ones in there, he ran up to us and asked if we could DEDICATE the Restaurant... He said because we have "Priestcraft" although he meant the Priesthood haha. We all looked at each other and wondered if that was even allowed! We told him to ask the manager. So he did and said, "Yeah, he's actually pretty happy about it!" WHAT?!?! This guy was probably only 30. We stepped outside the building (to leave the loud music), stood in a circle, and he asked ME to dedicate it because I was the INMAN. Haha. I literally dedicated Steak-n'-Shake, the Restaurant. That building will forever be in business! Haha. Pretty strange but cool experience...his name was "Al America." I'm convinced he's a nephite pahahaha
President gave us permission to attend the Temple Wednesday morning :) We saw the even newer Endowment Presentation!!! My mind was blown and I had all kinds of Revelation. We drove back to Powell afterwards and picked up Elder Nessen again.
Thursday we literally planned all day. It is tough to balance zone things as well as our own area. However, we had a very uplifting experience with one of our Less-Active families, the Davis'! This family has been inactive for decades, and both of them have very little Gospel Knowledge. So we taught the Restoration. Both were in tears. Brother Davis bore his testimony to us. He knows three things: God Lives. Jesus Christ is His Son. And Joseph Smith is a Prophet. I just wanted to hug this man. If those three things are true, the rest is true. His wife asked us to share the discussions with them weekly. AND they came to Sacrament meeting!!!!!!! After probably 30 years.
Friday we taught LOTS of lessons. We visited Brother Wyckoff who is a widower. We taught him the Plan of Salvation (again) and committed him to come to church after years of inactivity. We then found Mike Lindsey who has been gone for weeks. He was building clocks in his garage, and we just had some small talk. Next was the Pederson family (with the 1 year old). The whole family was there! Turns out they are active baptists but have visited with the missionaries for years. For whatever reason, the missionaries could never answer the mother's question concerning the 3 degrees of Glory...are you kidding me?! That's so essential and fundamental! So we are going to start teaching them :) We then stopped by the See's. this is the family with the twin Niece and Nephew. We taught the Restoration, and it was probably one of the funniest lessons I've ever taught xD Armann (I called him Herman in past letters) just got his tonsils out and has an extremely high scratchy voice. We were talking about Prophets and he raises his hand. We called on him and he says, "Abraham Lincoln was the first assassinated Prophet." Haha! We were crying. Abraham was a Prophet, and was almost assassinated, so he was close! Such a cute kid. We afterwards gave him a blessing of health. He hasn't been recovering well from his tonsils.
Torie's Birthday sounds like fun! I forgot all about Jump Street! I still cannot comprehend her being a legal adult (I don't mean that rudely haha). It just hasn't hit me yet. I hope you got my gift in the mail Torie! Sorry I didn't have a letter with it, I have had no time at all this week to write one! But I do love you and think you are awesome! I was painting on Torie's Birthday (Saturday), and actually broke a lamp. It happens I guess. Chris wasn't mad (this is the guy who's hearing aid place flooded).
Yesterday was really weird haha. But the Young's came to church!! Seeing some real progress with them; they are supposed to be baptized in two weeks so we will see! Please be praying for them. We later had a lesson with Shirley Dillon who is struggling with some Word of Wisdom issues. Afterwards we visited a half-drunk guy who said to come back Tuesday. We are hoping he forgets because we have District Meeting Tuesday haha.
I was going to save this for next week but I'm too excited about it. I'm emailing so late because Brother Yates (who we live with), took us to North Fork today which is about 2 miles from the entrance to Yellowstone!!!!!!! It is so beautiful up there. We saw Big Horn Sheep, Buffalo, Elk, and lots of deer. It was snowing pretty good. There is too much snow in the actual park (and it is outside our boundaries anyways). Here's some pictures! The weird structure is actually a house.. Love ya!
that weird structure is a house.

Gate to Yellowstone Park