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Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Inman Letter March 24, 2014

I just finished my second Journal!

I have written a full two journals now. Never would have predicted that! I have 2 more that haven't been written in :P This week I was on exchanges with the Elders in Cody. As a Zone Leader, we go team up with other companionships to help train, uplift, and inspire. You're probably wondering why I got the job haha.
I wasn't with the Cody Elders until Tuesday afternoon. So after seeing all those animals near yellowstone, we had a lesson with the youngs. They are doing SO good! We taught the law of Fasting and Tithing and they both committed to it. Tracy Young's date was originally this Saturday but we are moving it back so that Brother Young can be ready to baptize both her and the son :) It will be such an awesome experience!  That evening we visited an active home and a two year old boy started eating my shoe...while it was on my foot haha.
Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Eddington and Williams. Elder Eddington is from Las Vegas and Elder Williams is from Maryland and is brand new to the mission.. We had some pretty hilarious and 'disturbing' experiences there that I won't go into detail on lol. We also did some service at a daycare (which I didn't realize till yesterday that that is specifically mentioned as something you shouldn't do). We just cleaned the yard because one of the dogs tore apart a dog bed. She fed 7 missionaries enchiladas and I had 5! Dinner fell through, so someone paid for us at China buffet right afterward. I was beyond full.
I nearly fell asleep in every lesson on Wednesday. I was exhausted. We did some service at the Senior Center thrift store with the Sisters, just bagging clothes that were being sent to Africa. Elder Chelson found some overalls that he wears now haha. I switched to the other Cody Elders (Elder Chelson my MTC comp and Elder Jackson). We blessed a 5 year old boy with autism, and then I did a baptismal interview for Cody 3rd's investigator named Sara. I LOVE doing baptismal interviews! The spirit is always so strong and you get to hear everyones conversion story. This was Elder Chelson and Jackson's first baptism of the mission, so we were rally excited for them.
Thursday I was on a FaceTime call (like skype) with Elder Rasmusson and Nessen because I was still in Cody. We had a long tri-panionship inventory. It's basically where you get everything out on the table, resolve it, and then strengthen each other. On a happier note, I actually got to see the WORLD RECORD Elk ever killed by a bow and arrow. It is judged by the horns, and these horns were ENORMOUS. What's cooler, is it was killed by a super pretty girl in her 20's haha. This was at a part-members home and the wife who shot it is actually the member!
Coming back to Powell was a relief on Friday. I got to release some stress as we split wood for a little over an hour. I seriously love doing that! OH! And for dinner we went to El Tapatio (a mexican restaurant) which reminded me that on exchanges, I was somehow convinced to try Ghost Pepper....the world's natural hottest pepper without being modified. For whatever reason, Elder Jackson convinced me to put a dab on my finger of Ghost Pepper sauce...First of all, it wasn't even good tasting. Second, it actually will burn your skin before it even gets to your mouth. Third, your tongue just shuts down. You can't even speak! I drank probably half a gallon of milk and a 1/4 loaf of bread to get my taste back. It was that hot lol.
We had dinner with Chris Pelletiaer. This is the Less-Active man who's store flooded and we were the demolition crew. Both he and his wife are members and he actually served a mission. Afterward we shared the message of the Restoration. Brother Pelletier was somber and reflective. You could tell he was in deep thought and remembering the Spirit. The wife however mocked it and chose to ignore the Spirit which is sad.  Our last lesson Saturday evening was with Brayden Acton again who is the one currently under-going the trans-gender process. He actually has a girlfriend. We taught them both and the girlfriend named Dakota, actually was pretty interested and committed to read the BOM as well as pray about it's truthfullness! Goes to show that anyone can come back from anything.
Yesterday we had EIGHT investigators at church! That is almost unheard of. Tracy Young actually brought her non-member daughter with her. A missionary already! Elder Rasmusson and I gave talks. My topic was how to have the Spirit daily and Elder Rasmusson's was being an example or a light to all. It was pretty good. The Davis couple came who haven't been to church in decades! We are so excited for them. Then we went on Splits. Elder Rasmusson and I visited the Pedersons (who have the 1 year old son). We taught the Plan of Salvation and answered their questions about "Limbo" meaning the Spirit world. Our funny story for that day would probably be that we gave a less-active family a box of fresh oranges about a week ago. And we thought we were doing the right thing by giving them the "fresh box" that we had been keeping in the freezer. Turns out you aren't supposed to freeze fruit. We confirmed that when we visited them yesterday. Embarrassing haha oh well! Have a great week!
Check out this tire, Elder Rasmusson and Elder Nessen! Can you tell who's who? x) Love ya!