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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Elder Inman Letter March 10, 2014

It's Hot!!!!!

It's like 45 degrees out and I feel the need for shorts! It will be terrible coming back to Arizona weather hahaha. Well it was quite a week as always. We had spontaneous teaching opportunities and let's just say the adversary hated it lol. Means we are doing something right!

On Monday we went to the Library to email as usual. But in the middle of emailing, the Ward mission leader for the sisters came up to us and introduced him to one of his non-member friends. Right there in the middle of the public college library we taught the first discussion. Pretty sure that's illegal but we were on official church business! Later that evening we taught a FHE lesson with a part-member family. The kids aren't members and the mom was baptized in January. So we brought lots of ice cream to make the kids listen :D We talked about how to develop faith in Christ. Something interesting happened...Sister Chionnard turned off the TV when we arrived. While testifying of Christ it turned on and disrupted the Spirit. That didn't surprise me until the following visits. We went to visit the Youngs. Again, in the middle of our discussion, the laptop on the table that no one was near, starts blasting a youtube video...Elder Rasmusson and I just stared at each other in amazement and almost laughing.

The next day was even better. We went to contact a referral. The lady we were looking for was not home but her less-active husband was. He had paused his movie and had his back turned to the tv as he was talking to us. We were facing the TV behind him. The TV literally turned off, back on, the menu pops up, turns off, turns on, menu pops up again and the channels started navigating through the menu!!!! A channel was chosen and it happened to be a highly inappropriate movie. We were just looking at each other wide-eyed. Satan had legitimately navigated the TV menu to display a horrible movie in the middle of our lesson. No one was near the remote at all. It gets better...

It was about 8:15PM. I had remembered we were out of milk and planned to go get some. On our way there, I felt prompted that I needed to stay out and proselyte till 9 and then I could get my milk. This will sound strange, but I can tell you that Satan would have loved for me to get milk and not proselyte haha. BECAUSE we found another referral we were looking for. This "man" we contacted was about 40% through the transvestite process. Pretty disgusting. Either way, he is still a child of God and we were asked to go see him. He let us in, we sat down, and immediately the cell phone starts ringing and plays a horrible song for a ringtone. He sits down. Probably 10 seconds later, the phone IN THE OTHER ROOM goes off. Elder Rassmusson looks at me and says, "We need to pray. Now." So we did with this man and had no further interruptions. It actually was a very spiritual lesson. We testified that through Christ, there is nothing we can do that can make our  Heavenly Father stop loving us. It is never too late. As a blessing, we went to the store to buy milk. Lo and behold, someone paid for our milk. Now that's a miracle.

We picked up our new companion Wednesday. His name is Elder Nessen. This is his 10th area and he's been out a year. He is actually a visa waiter for Brazil, so he has been waiting a long time. But he got his visa and will leave here in about 2 weeks.

Thursday we helped brother Green move, followed by Pizza Hut Buffet. We then got a call from one of our less-actives who told us his entire hearing aid clinic had flooded and needed help. The snow melted to fast that it caused a ton of problems. We tore out his carpet, floor boards, and bottom foot of his sheetrock. We will be re-doing it this week. He came to church because we came to help him though!

Steve Rackness is back! After three weeks in North Dakota working on the oil rigs, we found him at home with his family, hanging a chandelier. His wife has been on the ball, getting him a sweet CTR ring, a Greg Olsen painting for their house, and a plaque with a carved scripture in it :) Spent the rest of the day contacting referrals. One of them was in the sisters area and we had previously set up an appointment with them a few days previous. The sisters can't teach him because he is a registered sex offender. After knocking on his door for 10 minutes (because we could see him in front of the door), he opened it and said he wasn't interested...interesting. 

Saturday I had the worst headache of my life. First ever Migraine. Friday night I was up till 130AM because of the pain. In fact, it hurt so bad that I woke Elder Rassmusson up for a blessing. Not even a healing blessing, but of comfort, and the pain was cut in half. Took some medicine and slept the whole night haha. Built my faith in the Priesthood quite a bit. While doing splits with a ward missionary, his car got stuck because of how fast the snow melted and made mud lakes. I had to get out in my suit and push his car. My shoes were so caked in mud that we went to his house and I scrubbed my shoes off with a brush and a bucket of water haha. I love this place! 

Wow this is a long email. Last thing. Yesterday while out finding people with Brother George, we found a less-active man whose cows had broken down the gate and were scattered everywhere. So, in a shirt and tie, we chased this whole herd of cows back to the corral. Keep in mind it's a marsh full of water mud and poop, so my shoes looked quite brown again haha. I'm becoming a cowboy! We had dinner with a temple sealer and then were given 120 oranges from a members.

Glad to hear Jesse loved his volunteer work! He needs stuff like that. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORIE!! It blows me away that you are 18 because I was at BYU at that age! That will be so fun for you and Lacey to room together! You are an amazing sister and I miss you a ton. Keep up the great work and have a great birthday! What do you plan on doing? Love you all!