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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elder Inman Letter August 26, 2013

Not an all too exciting week.

This letter we probably be pretty short, there isn't a lot to report on! We had our first District Meeting of the transfer this last Wednesday and had discussions on temple covenants. The Law of the Gospel, the Law of Obedience, the Law of Sacrifice, Consecration, and Chastity. President Mecham challenged us to study the covenants so that when we went to the Temple Thursday, it would mean a lot more to us. I gave the discussion on  the Law of Obedience and I learned a ton more than I ever have. Turns out those Laws get pretty deep! After district meeting we did another service project...more yard work yay! Lots of pulling weeds, weed eating and so forth. It was fun though!

THURSDAY. TEMPLE DAY. The new endowment film is awesome. My mind was blown and it was SO much better than the previous one. They don't even compare. Our whole zone went through today and we got to go to a private meeting in the chapel with the Temple President. SO SWEET! We could ask whatever questions we wanted, and we talked about the Everlasting Covenant and how the God Head covenanted with EACH OTHER to obey and carry out their distinct and crucial roles in the Plan of Salvation. So cool. I wrote down all the really good details :)

Afterwards, the mission paid for us to eat at Golden Corral, and then we drove to Laurel (20ish miles) and ate a second, homemade authentic italian dinner. I felt so fat. But it was worth it.

Friday we had dinner at Alyssa Grant's house. It turns out that Alyssa and Elder Brisco went to the SAME elementary school at the SAME time and were in the SAME class in 6th grade. Small world or what?! This was in Chandler apparently, and they rode the same bus. Pretty cool! More info on Elder Brisco, he grew up in Chandler, moved to Saudi Arabia for 3 years because his Dad was offered a computer programming job there, and then moved back to Thatcher where he went to EA. Also he claims to have a black belt in Taekwondo...He talks about it a lot.

Saturday was pretty sweet. We set up a concert for Jordan Sparks! Apparently she was performing for a charity/fundraising event of some sort. Ironically all the missionaries in Billings were setting up the bar stands and shining wine glasses haha. Avoid the appearance of evil huh? We were supposed to sing at a Hotel which was said to be at a certain crossroad in Downtown Billings. The sisters gave us 4 different wrong directions so we ended up walking several miles (we were on foot because it was supposed to be close) and considered crossing the private property of the railroad they led us too. We never got to sing, so we headed back to the fundraiser place and got free lemonade at the Farmer's Market! It's a big deal up here. Ever heard of the Hutterites (HOOT-ER-ITES)? They are similar to the Amish and are famous in the farmers market for their bread and vegetables.

Elder Bonaro gave a talk on recieving personal revelation, and Eliza Smith (a member of our ward) gave a talk comparing the "Our Journey Home" with The Wizard of Oz. Actually some pretty cool comparisons! Who would have thought. So TIM...who usually shows up in a tank top, shorts, gages, and a hat to church, showed up Sunday with DRESS SLACKS, DRESS SHOES, A BRAIDED BELT, WITH A TUCKED IN WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRT. Blew our minds! No gages or hat! And then Kyle Hamburg, who 4 months ago hated people and didn't have any interest in coming to church, WILLINGLY and OFFERED to answer questions and read in Gospel essentials! So happy! In Priesthood, Kyle raised his hand to ask who his home teaching assignment was. Goes to show that ANYONE can completely change. 

Later that Sunday night, we saw a mailbox (a brick mailbox mind you), that had somehow been broken in half probably by a drunk driver. It had to have totaled the car. Anyways, whoever hit it, had taken the top half, set it upright, and put the mailbox on top of it as if it would look normal. 3 feet shorter than usual. With the bottom half 10 feet away haha.

Also we tied Elder Schramm to his bed frame.

Sounds like the family is doing great! Jesse always seems to have a great time camping no matter what the circumstances. And that is so cool to hear that Jesse had been praying for friends and understanding. That makes me want to cry, because he tries so hard and doesn't understand a lot of things but is beginning to see that prayer works. I love you all and have an awesome week!