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Monday, August 19, 2013

Elder Inman Letter August 19, 2013


People claim to have served in the best mission. False. They are all wrong. And you'll see why in a little bit :) How's it going all?! This week was so much better than the last...because Elder Bonaro and I are REUNITED! During planning Tuesday night, I felt strongly that we needed to fast for our area the following day/ Elder Bonaro quickly agreed. So Elder Bonaro and I fasted the next day at Zone Leader training where they provided a free lunch and Elder Brisco thought he was hilarious because he was eating and we weren't.

Wednesday splits went pretty well! Funny story about that...As you know, we look for less-actives for splits. We came to a house looking for a "Jessica Gallager who should be in her young 20's. We knock the door and a girl in her young twenties answers the door.

"Hello, we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and we are looking for Jessica Gallager. Does she still live here?
- "No She moved."
"Oh. Well thank you for your help. Have you ever talked to missionaries before?"
- "Yeah I'm good."
"Ok well what was your name?
- "Jessica"
Hmmmm. It also said "Gallager" on the mailbox. Nice one. So we are definitely going back there haha.

Friday was so SWEET. Brother Zabawa, a member of the Bishopric who is a convert to the church, hosted a missionary event at his house. This is the guy who owns the Mercedes dealership and several others...needless to say his house is enormous. Three full stories. Anyways, he is super pumped about missionary work and so every year he provides a 5 course STEAK dinner for everyone who attends. Your ticket in, is to bring a non-member or less-active with you. There were about 90 people there! SO sweet! After dinner, a few of us played a game of Soccer at the park right behind his house. You know those foreigners I talked about a few weeks ago from Turkey? 3 of them came! And they owned us at soccer. I am NOT a soccer player. Near the goal, I was guarding one of the Turks and he kicked the ball so hard to score, and nailed me in the ----- at point blank range. I dropped haha. He felt really bad, but I eventually stood up. 5 Minutes later, Elder Bonaro (who loves soccer) kicks it hard to score and I barely jumped high enough to avoid getting hit in the same spot. Instead it got both my thighs pretty good.  I hate soccer now haha. After Soccer, the whole ward did a skit on the Plan of Salvation. It wasn't done very well and Brother Zabawa went way to deep. He does that a lot. But afterwards, a girl named Jordan who came with a member, asked us some questions about the degrees of Glory!

Saturday was so weird, fun, and awesome haha. I'll start with the night before (Friday). When Elder Schramm was showering, he noticed the ceiling tile above was drooping pretty bad and dripping...yeah. So, we stabbed the center with a knife to see if water would come out. Interestingly enough, there wasn't. But the sheet rock was extremely damp. We ignored it till the next morning. I showered, Brisco showered, and then Elder Wade showered. While Elder Wade was showering (washing his hair), the how ceiling tile collapsed and fell on his head! So the tile was now all wet sheetrock all in the tub. He comes out and says, "Guys.. I just got hit by the ceiling." We looked and sure enough, he did hahahaha. Turns out, that the water pipe had a small hole right in the middle of it that has been dripping water for who knows how long. So we find the owner and he cleans it out. We are all in the living room (5 of us now) and the owner walks out of the bathroom holding a large spoon. Apparently, this spoon was ABOVE the ceiling tile and fell with the rest of the sheet rock. Then, looking at the spoon, the bottom was burned black...the previous owner of our apartment, was a meth addict and would hide the spoon above the shower and use it to inhale fumes. 

Our owner then said, "and the previous owner before that was an alcoholic who owned a dog. We do not allow pets, so he kept the dog in a kennel in the corner and COVERED it with a mound of clothes so no one would know." Also, our neighbors smoke weed. They are kind enough to change the flavor every week, but needless to say our apartment smells horrible all the time haha.

The day just got so much better though! WE GOT PERMISSION FROM PRESIDENT TO GO TO THE FAIR. Tannah O'banion was singing at the fair at 1 and then Chase Edward was bull riding in the Rodeo that night! We were able to talk to a lot of people and gave out a Book of Mormon! We got a lot of dirty looks but we loved it. Tannah did SO good, she basically sounds like Adele. And the Rodeo was SO awesome! Never been to one, but it was crazy. That takes a lot of talent and bravery. I would be terrified to do that.

Sunday was good. Jordan, the one that asked questions about the Plan of Salvation, wanted to meet up. So the three of us taught the Plan of Salvation, and it went amazingly well. Super spiritual. Unfortunately, she is going to go to SDSU Wednesday. Josh Connor is moving this week, and Baudry is starting school :/ It's like we are losing everyone :/ But Meagan is getting baptized August 31 it is official!

This week we get to go to the temple, I am super pumped about that! Have an awesome week!

Cow roping. Caught and tied within 9 seconds

Elder Wade

Chase Slade was with us! (Recent Convert)

(Left to Right) Elders Brisco, Wade, Me