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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elder Inman Letter September 3, 2013

Howdy all!

Don't worry, I dont really talk like that...yet :) It was a pretty bust week but with lots of blessings. Funny how that always happens! Kyle, our less active that hated people and has been making a comeback to church, is going to do a SERVICE MISSION now! We are so excited about that! He will be an office Elder and work on the Database for the mission. And on Sunday, he voluntarily got up in fast & testimony meeting and bore his mind was BLOWN. He talked about how his friend James told him that he didn't know he was Mormon. A few days later, the missionaries show up (us) and how it got really annoying that we showed up every week. He said, "All I was wanting to do was play some video games and write code, but No, these Elders wanted to talk about Jesus!" Hahahahaha so funny. But he talked about how now he is attending weekly, and because of that, he is now going to be serving a mission. Oftentimes we wonder if we make a difference in someone's life. I couldn't hold back my tears, knowing that Kyle had been inactive for 5 years and we were able to help him serve a mission.

Monday night for FHE we played LIVE Mario Cart! We attached balloons to our belts and basically do the balloon stomp game. Super funny. Elder Hopkins (senior missionary), went in to have a tumor removed Tuesday :/ After having appendicitis in the same area. I feel so bad for him. So in his place, I picked up the slack. Sent baptismal records to Salt Lake, received and distributed referrals to the mission, ordering supplies, name tags and answering phones, etc...double duty lol. But I enjoyed it and got into the groove of things throughout the week. He is doing better now from what I've heard :)

Remember Eliza? She is the one who quit smoking, drinking, and coffee all at the same time and was doing SO well. And then one day she said she didn't want to be contacted and wanted to focus on other things besides church. That was really sad :/ We found out Tuesday that she had checked herself into the hospital and wanted us to come visit her. She needed a blessing. The next day she was discharged and she came to the church. Bishop was with us. She asked that Bishop anoint and I seal...wasn't expecting that but it was a neat experience. She told us about everything that happened (which won't be shared), but that she had a very spiritual experience that convinced her to come back. So cool.

On a random note, we had a lot of allotted miles left on the Truck. So...we took a road trip out to Roundup (about an hour away) to go see some less-actives out there. We cover an enormous area and never get out there. Friday we took an actual P-day! Probably the first one I've had in a month. We just end up working every P-day and we are permitted to take another day if we are working on our P-day. So...we went to Mystic Lake again! So pretty. And the Pioneer Park Elders came with us (Wade and Schramm), and did the hike. So much fun and much needed. I was stressed out of my mind this past week in the office. It's a 7 mile hike roundtrip and totally worth it, so we finished it. Elder Bonaro left today for Brazil :( And now Elder Brisco and I are getting our own apartment. Almost hit like 6 deer on the way home.

Baptisms Saturday! Woooo! Meghan was baptized :) It was really awkward because we weren't the ones who really taught her. The Skyview sisters did and decided to have her baptized in our ward last second. But it went well. Sunday, not only did Kyle bear his testimony, but Eliza did too! It was very spiritually rewarding to see that 2 people we have been working with 4 months got up and bore their testimonies about THIS being the one and only true church. And how big of a deal it is, that we are a part of that. We take for granted just how blessed we are that we know more than probably 95% of the world.

Well sounds like things are going well at home! Who would have thought Jesse would be good at Poker :) Doesn't surprise me actually! Everyone in the singles ward is leaving for BYUI! Pretty sad, the whole ward is changing! 

Happy Birthday Jesse! I miss you a ton and think about you every day. You are my hero and I am so blessed to be your older brother. You are so smart and I can't imagine my life without you. One day you will be a great missionary and you already have been! I love you and hope you have an awesome birthday!

Mystic Lake, MT

Elders Bonaro and Inman

Elders Inman and Schramm at Mystic Lake, MT

Elder Inman at Mystic Lake, MT

Four Elders at Mystic Lake, Mt