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Monday, May 20, 2013

Elder Inman Letter May 20, 2013

Crazy Awesome Week!

It was probably the most crazy week of my mission so far! In a good way :) Wow so Monday we got our transfer call and I was called to Rimrock, here in Billings. So Tuesday, I spent most of the day packing. About 1:00, we went out to say some goodbye's. So sad to say bye to several people. We visited Sister Jensen at the store who gave me a big hug, then the Clark's picked us up for dinner. Got to see a bald eagle, it was pretty sweet! They served us Spaghetti with Elk Meat sauce. I think the food is something I'll miss most in Sheridan haha. After Dinner Brother Clark showed us his gun cabinent. He owns a full auto machine gun, a military grade sniper rifle, and a pistol big enough to kill a bear. I am definately coming back to shoot some of his guns! Once we got home, we visited Sister Barnett and gave er a blessing. Apparently her back collapsed and she tweaked a few discs in her back :( I am going to miss that woman so much. Then we visited Sister Talbot, Gene, and Sister Stalder. When we were about to walk in the door, Bryan had walked to our house to here the news. He was sad that I was leaving. I gave him a letter that encouraged him to take the discussions. I'm hoping he will. Finished packing about midnight and I was able to finish the BOM in the transfer! WOO!

TRANSFER DAY: WEDNESDAY. Drove to Helena, and I got to see a lot of my MTC District. It was SO sad to say bye to Elder Villejo :( I am going to miss that kid. Turns out Sheridan GETS A CAR when I leave! How lame is that?! But we drove to Billings which is a fairly long drive of about 4 hours. We got to the mission home where I met Elder Bonaro, my new companion. He is a visa waiter, waiting to go to Brazil and I am finishing his training! He's a cool kid, is super sarcastic, and likes sports so we get a long! He is from Jacksonville, Florida. Something else pretty sweet is we are the Online Administrators for the whole mission. Meaning that we oversee all the online, facebook proselyting missionaries and create new programs to make the mission more efficient. HOW NEAT IS THAT. SO. I have a separate facebook account! And family/friends are permitted to "Follow" me, but not "Add as a friend." What that means, is you will be able to see all my posts, but I will not be able to see yours, to prevent distraction. And the mission president asks that NOBODY "Like" or "Comment" the posts, but leave that for investigators. So if you want to "Follow" me, my name is "Elder Jake Inman" and click "Follow!" Pretty sweet stuff. We are in the Mission home 3 hours a day doing online stuff, our phone gets texting, I get to drive a 2012 Chevy Pickup, AND I get to hang out with President and the Assistants! So sweet.

Thursday wasn't anything interesting, except we got our new apartment. We are rooming with two other Elders. And guess what? Elder Suggs from my previous area lives in our apartment! It's so cool! We just went and got groceries and what not.

Friday was soooooooo SICK. About 830 in the morning Elder Sears (Senior Couple Missionary over transportation called us and said he needed help driving some cars. So we went to the mission home, and drove the big transfer van to Harden. The mission bought 7 brand new (only had 6 miles on them) 2013 Chevrolet Cruze's and we got to drive them right off the lot! By myself because Elder Bonaro was driving one too. SO cool! We got to break in the brand new vehicles. I had a white one with Turbo! The day just got better...President Mecham has been really sick. After some online proselyting, Sister Mecham walked by and we asked her if President would like a blessing. A few minutes later, President walked in to our little office in the mission home, and asked for a blessing. He asked E. Bonaro to annoint and for me to seal. It was SO NEAT to think that I was blessing the same man that was set apart by Richard G. Scott, a member of the Twelve, and that someone like me, was capable of blessing and healing someone of that authority. After the blessing, he hugged us and asked a favor. On the 15th of May, 1829, the Aaronic Prriesthood was restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith. In commemoration of that event, all young men go with their fathers on a campout with an evening devotional. President Mecham was invited to speak but was to sick. So he asked Elder Bonaro and I to take his place and then handed me HIS car keys! I was so pumped! He also gave us his credit card for dinner! So we drove out to a beautiful property with pine trees and canyons. The ward brought all their off-roading vehicles, one of them being a souped up Jeep with 33" tires. The mini Devotional didn't end up happening till after 9:30 so we got home at 11:00PM.

Saturday. BEST. DAY. SO. FAR. Around noon, more visa waiters came into the mission. At 1:30 the AP's (assistants to the president) asked if I was willing to drive vehicles out to a few areas. I quickly agreed! we were also taking visa waiters to new areas. So those cars we drove to the mission home now needed to go out. I was actually given a pickup truck to drive out, Bonaro got a Malibu, and the rest were the new cars. We all followed the Transfer Van. I got to drive alone again, the newer missionaries had companions. We traveled from Billings -->Great Falls-->Helena -->Townshend -->Bozeman and back! I have NEVER seen more beautiful scenery in my life. Breath taking. We slowly consolidated into the van as we dropped off cars and we didn't even get home till 2:30AM! We were so tired it was ridiculous. We traveled for 9.5 hours total, it was so sweet!

Sunday was cool as well. We are serving in the Singles ward in Rimrock. Which means not a lot of dinners, but a ton of refferals! This area is the highest baptizing area in the mission, so we are hoping to have some success here! Sounds like seminary graduation went awesome, great job mom! You always work a ton on those things. Glad fathers and sons was sweet, tell everyone in the ward I say hi! Sorry this one was so long, but it was a chaotic been flat out awesome week! I love and miss you all!