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Monday, May 13, 2013

Elder Inman Letter May 13, 2013


It was SO good to see you all yesterday for Mother's day! And to see Lacey too! Wish skype would have worked better but what can you do...I am currently in Dillon with the Dillon Elders. We got up at 530 this morning and got a ride to Dillon to spend P-day here with them. At about 8 we helped somebody move and got our transfers call...Villejo is staying here in Sheridan. I am am going to...drumroll.....RIMROCK which is Billings. I'll be right next to the temple and mission home so I'm excited about that. Send ALL mail to the mission home until further notice. Oh and I'm TRAINING! A visa waiter. So I'll also be driving :D I am going to miss Sheridan so bad and Elder Villejo. I hope that this area picks up and that some of our investigators take action. Last bit of news, I'll be serving in a singles ward, so that will be fun! The food wont come as often or be as good but there is more places to eat out there.

So my week...hmm. I forgot to bring my journal so I forgot most of what we did this week. I went golfing last P-day and went again today! I'm terrible at golfing but one of the members owns the golf course so we get to golf for free! Can't beat that.

Oh! Did a bit of travelling. Bryan Todd, our 19 year old investigator took us to the Ruby Reservoir. It's a lot cleaner than lake pleasant haha but not as big. Bryan said he sees Big Horn sheep around there all the time. We didn't get to see any :/ On the way back, Bryan showed us where he used to work and there was a skunk in the road. For five minutes we tried running it over with his small beater truck haha, we weren't successful.

Bryan also took us to a small town called Waterloo. Apparently back in the day there was a small battle that took place over where the post office should be placed (back in pony express times) and they named the town waterloo...anyways Bryan showed us some sweet natural hot springs on Friday I think it was.

We taught Gene again this week. He wasn't laying down this time. He told us he hasn't been reading but will this week. He's been writing a novel of some sort and was reading it to us...he thinks his novel is the funniest thing ever. Laughed at all the jokes in it hysterically. We just gave him a nervous laugh. It was okay though.

Friday we taught the Plan of Salvation to Ryan Madison (the one that came to church that Bishop fellow-shipped). By the way, the one that sent you a picture text of us was the Bishop! The Breakall family is incredible. The lesson went well and he said it isn't all that different than what the Catholics believe.

On Saturday we played Basketball with Bryan after doing a lot more service. We did more sanding sheet rock for brother Stockett and then stacked split wood for a full 3 hours. People are already stocking for the winter! After driving us home, Bryan told us that we were the best set of Elders that he has had. He's had several and he said that we were the most responsible and that he respected us. I really have high hopes for Bryan, he really needs the Gospel in his life. Baby steps!

Mike Bias (our eternigator) gave a talk on Sunday on virtuous women and Mothers. He even got choked up and the Spirit was powerful. Elder Villejo and I had the opportunity to teach both Sunday School and Primary! We sang primary songs on the guitar, it was great. Those primary kids are a ton of fun.

Well that's it for this week. Packing all day tomorrow, saying goodbyes, and up to Helena Wednesday to get transported to Billings. It will be interesting to train but I'll do my best! Maybe I'll learn some Portuguese! I love you all and have a great week!