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Monday, May 27, 2013

Elder Inman Letter May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey family and friends! Another great week here in Montana, but definitely some struggles as well! Elder Bonaro and I cover the singles ward...which means nearly no dinners, no tracting, and teaching the sisters becomes extremely difficult. I believe we are the first missionaries to to cover ONLY a singles ward in this mission. The ward is so legit and the members are powerhouses about missionary work but they are all on a college budget and schedule as well and we cant meet with the less actives sisters by ourselves. BUT we are working things out!

Tuesday was actually pretty sweet. We got a text from Tyler Nelson, the first counselor in the Elders Quorum. He had set up some appointments for us that he said he could be present! That never happens where a member actually sets up appointments haha. He told us that he had been going over the less active list of members in the quorum and a kid named Jeremy came to his mind. Jeremy used to be really active and then for one reason or another has been inactive for months. Tyler was able to get Jeremy to come to the church and we all sat down with him and just talked. Jeremy works at McDonalds, and moved in with some friends from work. After a spirit felt discussion on obedience and the Atonement, Jeremy accepted a blessing given by Tyler. It was so awesome! Jeremy still has a testimony, he may just have run in with the wrong people. He said he would try more often to come to church :)

Later that night we were getting ready for bed and we got a call from a random number asking if we could come to the hospital and give a mother there a blessing. Apparently this lady who called us (the mother's daughter) Googled our number. So we went and gave blessing of healing. The doctor came in after the blessing and said, "Hey I have another LDS patient that would like a blessing!" So we went to her as well and didn't get home till midnight but it was neat experience!

On Wednesday we had our first District meeting since the transfer. We have a big district of 18 people I think and 6 of them are sisters. One was straight from Tonga and the other from Fiji which is pretty legit! Afterwards we did some online work for the AP's and for the President. The internet and network has been really spotty, so the network would crash every 10 minutes. We spent hours trying to figure out how to fix it.  Then we got a call from Zach Smith, a guy in the Elders Quorum. He said he had a free two hours and wanted to know if we had time for splits. We quickly agreed and tried a few houses and areas. We had no luck unfortunately. What stinks is we will find several people but they are out of the age range for YSA so we refer them to the other missionaries! Turns out the ward does splits every Wednesday night and all of them are RM's! That night we got permission fom President Mecham to work on the we were in the mission home till 1AM with little progress.

The next morning we picked up some more bikes that go to our area and we watched the funeral for Sister Monson. So sad :( President Monson looked so upset. But we know that marriage in the temple goes beyond the grave and that is such a blessing to know we will see lost loved ones again! Jeremy (the LA mentioned earlier) texted us and asked if we could open up the church for him to practice playing piano! He is very talented and we're hoping he will come to church so that he can get a calling to be the pianist haha. Thursday was our first legit dinner with someone other than Bishop. We ate at the Stockdales, who are an older couple assigned to the singles ward incharge of finding less actives. So we went over the Roster with them and they made us sour dough pancakes :) 

I am learning why missionaries ask for rides all the time. We have limited miles. To the mission home and back, it is about 6 miles. Not far, but it eats miles nonetheless. So we biked to the mission home...UPHILL and I was thought I was going to die haha. We spent all day in the mission home in service clothes re-wiring the network. We were in the atic for a lot of it, the way the network is set up here is way out of date. It took forever but we now have a brand new network with upgraded hardware! Hallelujah! Later we visited a Less Active referral that we received from the sister missionaries. Her name is Chelsea. 
COOL STORY!: So Elder Bonaro and I were getting frustrated because her house was blocked by a lot of construction. We took probably 3 different routes and finally found a back road to her house. We went up to the door and a grandmother answered (we're thinking "Great"), and she said that Chelsea was out shopping with her mom. As we walk off the porch, a car drives up with Chelsea and her mother. SO there on the driveway, we talked for 45 minutes about faith, her beliefs, and if she would come to church. She at first was definately not happy to see us but them opened up and it went extremely well! We got her information, and she said we could come back :) It was such a cool thing to see how the Lord's timing works. If it weren't for the wrong turns, the detours, the GPS miscalculating, we would never have seen Chelsea that day! Tender Mercies.

Saturday we spent downtown. Ghetto Billings. We came across two homeless people who asked if we were the Mormons. The sai that in their childhood, the missionaries took care of them and gave them food. The man (max) asked if we had a Book of Mormon he could have. Of course, we did, and he said that he has read it before through Moroni. He thanked us and we moved on. We also met a Lamanite! She asked us to pray for her and her name was something like, "Sandra American Horse." Pretty awesome, gave out quite a few cards.

Yesterday was my favorite. Sundays are fantastic. Like mentioned earlier, we have been frustrated trying to find people because we have a limited teaching pool. We went to college apartments, tried a few less actives, and could find not one person. It was about 5PM and we had dinner at 6. We got in the truck and said a prayer asking for inspiration on what to do. Almost immediately after the prayer, Elder Bonaro felt inspired to tract. After he said that I felt inspired to go back to the previous apartments we were just at. We walked past several doors and almost without hesitation, we walked up to only one door. A guy named Doug (probably in his late 20's) answered the door. He was trying to think of an excuse to not let us in, and just came up with,"...I got nothin." He couldnt think of one! And he knew it! HE told us he would be interested in the History of the church and the Book of Mormon evidence of the ancient American people. AWESOME. We came back about 7 and we gave a modified lesson on the Restoration, talked about the Jaredite and Lehi families travelling, JSH, the first vision, and the ancient artifacts mentioned in the BOM. He said he was very interested. Turns out Doug is a artist and computer 3D artist. He said he wanted to draw things like King Labans sword, the gold plates, the liahona and so forth. SO SICK! We are hoping to actually get to the spiritual side of things too, but this opened the door.

Hope you all had a great week! Congrats Dowlin and Taylynn, sorry I couldnt come to the wedding! Love you all and have a great week!

Oh and one last thing! I am now in a tri-panionship. Elder Suggs from my last district, who happened to move to my new one is now with Elder Bonaro and I. He is finishing up his mini mission and I am finishing both his and Elder Bonaro's training. Elder Suggs found out he will be able to serve a service mission which allows him to be a missionary at the temple and church from 9-5 every day but lives a normal life otherwise. I was thinking of Jesse and how something like that would be perfect for him. He was so excited just to know that he could serve a mission even though it is in his home state. Something to think about :) Love ya!

Elders Inman and Villejo, Sheridan MT 2013

Sheridan, MT from the Clark's Kitchen, Beautiful