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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Elder Inman Hand-Written Letter February 2013

Hey Family!

I arrived safely in the MTC! Alex was waiting for me all day and I got to hang out with him a bit today! So my P-Days is actually on Saturday … however, we won’t be able to email till the 16th. This was the most missionaries the MTC has ever had come in at one time. Also, they’re shipping us out a week early! I’m only in here till the 19th! We are the first set of English missionaries to leave a week early. Pretty sweet.

Hmmm. So my first day was overwhelming! I got all my materials, go t checked in, and started a typical day. We had instruction, orientation, sang “Called to Serve” twice already, and got to observe different teaching scenarios where the group of missionaries were “the missionaries”. I lost my room key within an hour. Haha. Luckily it was in “lost and found” by 8:00PM. So I got it back.

I’m still getting used to having a companion with me ALL THE TIME. Luckily he is cool and I get a long with him. His name is Elder Chelson and he is from Tennessee! He comes from a family of 12 and was singing “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” earlier! Haha awesome. He looks like Tom Hardy if anyone is interested! Not as big, but his face looks just like him. He’s a pretty cool guy and knows his scriptures really well.

Well time is almost up so I should go! Feel free to type this and blog it because I won’t be able to email till next Saturday! Dear Elder me, cause I can still get those! How are things at home? Is Jesse still sick? Talk to everyone soon! Love you!