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Monday, January 19, 2015

Elder Inman Letter January 19, 2015

Give me TWO MORE WEEKS of miracles!

I don't think I've ever had so many different emotions run through me at one time. This week I realized that after next Sunday I'll be attending my home ward...what? And next Monday is my last preparation day...way? And then I'll be without the mantle of a missionary, stripped of my authority as a full-time representative of Christ, and leave the mission behind...WHAT?!?!? Yesterday I lost it and told Elder Mathis how lucky he was to be serving a mission. Until this week he has been super homesick and not happy. We worked through it and the Lord blessed us with so many miracles this week. Powerful enough that Elder Mathis told me he is so happy, relieved, and comforted. So exciting!

And for good reason. We found 5 new people to teach (that means taught at least 1 lesson and have a return appointment), had 10 non-members at church, AND we have someone on baptismal date!!! WOOOOO!!! It's been a long time coming but man it's been worth it. I think I've felt more consecrated this transfer than I have most of my mission. So many doors knocked to find the elect. We've doubled the teaching pool, doubled the amount of lessons taught in a week, and the members have all expressed that we are the missionaries Dillon has needed for a long time.

We had zone training this week. My last one. What made it more weird? It was held in Butte..which is where I had my FIRST ever Zone Training nearly two years ago. I was asked to give departing testimony which was super hard. Then Elder Mathis and I went to Taco Bell. I realized when we walked in that I had gone to Taco Bell after my first zone training with Elder Villejo! So weird but cool. Nearly fell asleep on the drive home and went to Institute (we cover the college here). Saw Heather Breakall and lots of other kids from Sheridan too!

Wednesday we volunteered at the Beaverhead County Museum from about 9-Noon. We cleaned out an artillery shell fired in 1898 over the Philippines. It made it to this museum because it was founded by someone from Dillon, MT while over there. It weighs probably about 100 pounds and over the course of 100 years (before anyone took it), people had stuffed it with all kinds of things.A few cool things included French Grand Prix tickets dated 1891 (which doesn't really add up) and a newspaper add for a silent film from 1915. It was like a time capsule! They rest was pretty much garbage and dirt.

I'll skip to Saturday. Mentioned in earlier emails, the Elders Quorum President gives us $60 to Dairy Queen every week to be seen and to try to talk to people there. We have seen some fruit come out of it! There is an employee there named Maria Kendrick. President Southam (EQP) invited her to take the discussions at his house. We taught the Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date of March 7th! Super exciting.Be praying for her! We later tracted into the lady who works for the Beaverhead County Museum, Since we helped her, she welcomed us in (service works!), and we taught the Restoration to both her and her mom. All was well until her brother came in the house and wanted to bash. He is devout Catholic. I wanted so bad to silence this guy with scriptures but there was nothing but contention flying out of this man's mouth. He was not honestly seeking answers. I asked him if he believed God was the source of all truth. Of course he said yes. I asked him why he would not read the Book of Mormon and pray about it then if he had the faith that God answers prayers. He did not have an answer.

i believe we were blessed for not condescending to this guy's level because we went out to dinner and someone anonymously paid for our dinner :) Things are going well here in Dillon. I am happy to say that I am leaving it in much better condition than how I found it. We still are trying to find new people every day but that it missionary work! Congratulations to (Bishop) Matt Smith! That will be an adjustment calling him one thing at work and another at church! He will do great. I am VERY grateful for the righteous example Bishop Haul was to me. He helped me through those teenage years and I knew that I could turn to him for help when I needed it. Exciting stuff!

I hope you all have a great week! Today is going to be great. I am going to Sheridan to say goodbye to several of the members I got close with there! Excited! Love you!