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Monday, December 8, 2014

Elder Inman Letter December 8, 2014

Christmas Zone Conference...

Hello all! What a busy week. We had all kinds of things going on that it just flew by! I got my new suit Monday (THANK YOU!) and it is SO nice. Even nicer than my first two. It has a more slim fit so it makes me look skinnier than I am haha. i plan on wearing it sparingly, as I want it to still look nice for my homecoming and whatever. All of our appointments fell through Monday night so we went to FHE in the YSA ward (because we cover the YSA ward) and played human fooseball! We (and our companion/partner) would hold a PVC pipe and had to stay stationary till the ball came to us. Pretty fun.
Tuesday I got a haircut and I talked to the hair stylist about the Gospel. It's the perfect setting because they can't leave! Then I started an exchange with Elder Braden. I miss being his companion! Such a stud. We tracted for about 2 hours and went to the library. i meet someone unique every time I go there. This time a guy walked up to us and asked, "Are you the Missionaries or the FBI?" We told him we were missionaries and he got super serious. He took off his cowboy hat and said, "I'm an adventurer...rumor has it that the Momrons have spaceships and travel to other planets?" I was in silence. He continued, "I'm being serious! I would join your church in a heartbeat if that were true." We told him that was not true. He had a sad puppy dog face and asked if we at least believe in aliens. I replied, "probably not in they way you are thinking, but yes we believe in life on other planets." Oh Missoula!
Wednesday I was still with Elder Braden and we had a few good visits. One was with a less-active returned missionary from under 15 years ago. He now no longer believes in God and prefers Philosophy...hmmmmm. There was no question of ours that he could answer because he knows that for two years of his life he testified that God lives and still speaks today. He told us that he could not deny the feelings he had when praying to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet. now he believes that religion "creates the problems it tries to fix." No standards, no crime, no sin, no punishment. Hello Korihor.
Wednesday night we had the Kalispell Zone come down and stay the night with missionaries because the next morning we had to leave early for Christmas zone conference. We had Elder Packham and Elder Buntrock (Kalispell ZL's) stay with us for the night.
CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD! Half the mission was at each one and almost all of my friends were at the one I attended in Helena. Elder Rasmusson, Packham, Holland, Swisher, Braden, Southwick, and several others. We sang three different Christmas songs. It's funny that mom mentioned you (Dad) singing bass. I've actually somewhat learned how to sing parts and was in the bass section of the choir. I attached the recording of the 3 Christmas songs (they are all on one, so wait through the pauses). I thought we sounded pretty good! Thanks for submitting the picture of me as "Elfis" haha. No one knew what I was! I didn't even know what it was until it registered on the slideshow that it was me haha. Good one :) Got lots of laughs! Thank you for the letters as well :)

Friday we actually drove halfway back to Helena because a missionary forgot their truck and house keys there haha. So we met the assistants halfway. We got to go on UoM campus Friday with the YSA sisters to give out free hot chocolate. We can't proselyte so we set up a fake Christmas tree and had people write on a paper ornament what Christmas meant to them. It was a pretty neat activity with actually a lot of success! Our lessons that night were super distracted because they all mainly were children. And it's awkward when the member teaches false doctrine and you have to correct them. Our last appointment of the evening was really good though. We actually showed up in the middle of a pretty bad marital argument. We taught a lesson on patience and the Holy Ghost and it was actually very powerful.
Saturday was our ward Christmas party. We had several non-members and less-actives there. While there, two members of the Seventy were there interviewing Bishops, members of the Stake Presidency, and High Council members to fill the Stake Presidency the following day. They were there for 12 hours! It was Elder Fallabella of the first Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Stanfill, the Area Seventy. We got to shake their hands :) I actually ate with Elder Stanfill in Bigfork over a year ago! Our ward Christmas party was breakfast themed, so there was some good food.
Sunday we had our sweet Stake Conference. The Stake Presidency got reorganized. President Price (former 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency) was called to be the new Stake President and he is AWESOME. Super missionary minded. I hope to stay here for my last transfer but President has recently been doubling out (whitewashing) zone leaders when a new Stake President is called. Transfers are next Monday so we will see!

The First Presidency Devotional was sweet! Things have been going well here and the work continues to move forward. Hope everyone has a fantastic week and I love you all!
And this the black suit I'm wearing is the new one :)

These are the assistants Elder Wyatt (Present), Elder Southwick (Elf), and Elder Bishop (Santa). Elders Southwick and Bishop were in the MTC with me. Pictured with Elder Packham, Elder Buntrock, and Elder Burnham