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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Elder Inman Letter October 13, 2014

Week 80 something I think ...

I'm so jealous that I am missing the Phoenix Temple open house! Especially after hearing about all the murals in it. I wasn't sure if new temples were going to have the murals or not. And you get to be such an active part of it! Tour guides and such. Way cool. That's a lot of people coming to attend! 1,100 an hour!

It was an ok week. Tuesday was MLC which I always love! It was in Helena and I got to see Elder Rasmusson, Elder Packham, and several others who I have served with or who were in my MTC group. What was new this time?...I drove the van starting at 4:30 in the morning! Really fun but super tiring. I'm getting pretty good at it though. :) We discussed a lot about how to manage our zone effectively, finding efforts, and focussing on activities that actually bring results. Not just time-wasting things to make it look like we're doing something. Lots to counsel on!

I was so tired from MLC Wednesday that I fell asleep for 40 minutes on my knees in preparation from personal study. We spent some of the day painting. Most of the time I was on a ladder or on the roof painting a non-members home. I enjoy painting and it was a good stress reliever. That night we tried hunting down Kevin (our AWOL baptismal date).

Meet the Mormons has been a huge success! We got enough people to request it and it got here to Billings as well as Helena. Our Ward Mission Leader is awesome. He got 7 radio stations to announce it in theaters and did all kinds of advertising. It sold out several showings here in Billings and was #10 in the box office nation wide! Pretty dang good for only showing in select theaters. Mormonnewsroom has more detail.

Lots of good things are happening with the church media. As a mission we are now approved to do #hashtags, pictures, and even videos in our online proselyting efforts! Friendly reminder though, that if I post something to facebook you can't "like" comment or message me! It will be fun to follow though :)

I've been struggling a bit. We had two potential investigators drop us and we have been trying to find people for weeks. Our third companion is draining all patience from me and honestly I feel less of the spirit when I am around him. But I need to exercise more faith. Yesterday we fasted for those on baptismal date in our zone and we currently have twenty! Not to shabby but I would like to contribute to that number you know? Hope to see some miracles this week.

Well that is all I got for this week. Glad to things are going pretty well. That was funny about Jesse's dream that Jimmy got drawn to hunt bread! hahahahaha so funny. Have a great week! Love you!

Pictures: I'm in the back row, Elder Packham to my left, Elder Griffith to his left, Elder Rasmusson in third 
row :)