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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Elder Inman Letter June 30, 2014

Transfers next week ...

Yep, so transfers are next week and we're getting kind of nervous. Elder Rasmusson has been here 7.5 months and I've been here for 6! So our chances continue to get less and less but we're hoping for another one. We realized that if we leave, no one will be able to pick up because the members are not involved (with the exception of a few). We'll be praying to stay!

This week was packed and went by really fast. I am happy to report that I've been working out every morning by running to the park and playing either frisbee or tennis! I've gotten pretty good at frisbee, I'm thinking about starting an intramural team at BYU when I get back. Hope Jack has gotten good haha!

Hmmm... highlights of the week. Well Wednesday we had a super awesome lesson with the Greenwald's who are new Less-Actives. This is sister Davis' sister who was recently reactivated. The goal is to get them to the temple to be sealed to their mom before she passes away! They fed us dinner and have been truly humbled. It is just a matter of committing them to church the rest of their lives. What was so sweet though was that we were sharing the first vision and one of the loudest thunderstorms just started and boomed as we finished the first vision. The Spirit was obviously strong. It shook the house :) 

Friday was pretty funny. We met a new investigator named Gene Anderson. He was in a bad car wreck that caused brain damage so he forgets a lot of things. He's hilarious though. We could only get off two principles because he would get distracted. For example, while mid-conversation he stops and stares at something on the table...he picks up a half eaten burrito and says, "I don't remember eating a burrito..." haha! He lost his ability to smell or taste too which sucks. But quite an interesting guy. He brought out this really small pet frog his son had...and it jumped out of Elder Rasmusson's hands and we had to look for it under the couch. Fun lesson :) 

Saturday we went to Lovell for a meeting. Apparently Lovell has, "Lovell Days" instead of the 4th of July. And there is "Byron Days" a week after...all about competition here with all these small towns. So we caught part of the parade in Lovell.

Yesterday we had a lesson with a very interesting man named Brian. His friend in Montana who chose to remain nameless thought it would be a funny prank for us to go see him. So we did, and actually had a good visit! It's funny, because every person tells us that they will be our hardest challenge. Please...this guy says he is not religious but "spiritual." He is definitely a family man and has very interesting views on life and how we should treat people. He says he has NEVER heard of ANY church say ANYTHING about telling teenagers to not have children unless they are prepared to be parents. We basically said, "Are you kidding me? That's talked about like EVERY general conference!" So we're going to send him some quotes.

Anyways, sounds like things are busy at home like usual. Lacey with her wedding plans, Mom preparing seminary already, Jesse at Geronimo, Torie going to DC, and Dad at work!  Good luck to Torie in DC this week! That is exciting! I will be in Cody watching a huge parade and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! We got permission to stay out till 11 woo hoo! Wild and crazy! Love you all!