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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Elder Inman Letter June 23, 2014


Sounds like quite the week back home! It was a busy one here as well! We finally made it to District meeting this week (which is an accomplishment). I spent half of it auditing everyone's iPad. it's amazing and sad the things you find. Afterwards, I went on exchanges to Burlington which is a town of about 300 people. For those of you who don't know, exchanges are conducted by leaders to help other missionaries in their areas find new people and train them on some things. Nearly everyone in Burlington is a member, so it can be difficult in a town so small to find people.

So, Burlington is actually where Elder Denslow is currently serving, but he came up to Powell to be with Elder Rasmusson while I went down to be with his companion Elder Salvador. We went with a member who took us around to see all his friends from 6:30pm-9PM. We found so many people! And the member that took us works for Keibler (Kellogg's), so he hooked us up with enough snacks for probably 2 months haha. It's nice to know people!

Wednesday I was still in Burlington and we found a few people to teach. One of them was to an investigator. It was incredibly difficult to teach the Restoration while the 2 year old daughter was buck naked and the 4 year old son was already dropping [bad words] ...but I guess eliminating distractions is a teaching skill? Also gave a new Less Active a blessing for night would probably help her if she stopped drinking and doing drugs.

Thursday I came back to Powell. After all the weekly planning, we visited the Kier's (part-member family) who are doing great! Brother Kier is reading the Old Testament children stories to their 7 year old son David and he is retaining a lot!

Friday morning, Elder Rasmusson and I sang at a funeral for an inactive man who went on a boating trip with his buddies, got drunk, and drowned. Sad stuff. We sang, "Nearer My God to Thee" in parts. I'm slowly learning to sing! Dinner was at the Davis'. We have officially taught them ALL the lessons! Sister Davis got her Patriarchal blessing yesterday and said it was incredible. For their 50th anniversary they plan on going to the Cardston, Alberta temple. Coming back for that! That evening we visited the Kvia's. Sister Kvia refuses to come to church because of something that happened in the 50's. She's convinced God understands her not renewing covenants because of a member 64 years ago who she admits had good intentions. We said, "yeah GOD understands everything!" But she clearly doesn't understand that the Sacrament is THE way to endure to the end. She's enjoyed a lot of "smooth doctrines" over the years.

Saturday we went to a baby shower we got invited too. That was awkward. We didn't stay long. That night we had a sweet lesson though with some people from Moldova (near Ukraine)! They only speak Russian. And a few weeks ago, we gave Andrew a Russian Book of Mormon. Saturday we brought an ex-communicated member who served a mission in Russia (who still believes the church is true), translate for us. The agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon!

Yesterday was a great Sunday! The Pedersons, Kiers, Sees, and several Less-actives were there. 9 investigators total present! It was way cool. We fasted all day for zone baptisms to increase. Haven't seen a lot yet but hope to!

GOOD NEWS! I FOUND MY CAMERA HALLELUJAH! Thank you for all your prayers! I will be sending home the memory card fairly soon. I've included a few pictures in this email. That's exciting that Lacey already has a wedding dress! Do I get to decide what picture Lacey puts on my card-board cut-out? x) If you get all the colors and buy ties, I want one and can send a picture to match everyone! Pahahaha. Really though. That's crazy Jensen and Shane are ready to go. Those punks NEVER said a word to me yet! Still love them though. Have a great week! I love you all!

Emblem is covered by Burlington. I met 5 of the 10 people there :)
Also bought a watermelon and decided this was the easiest way to eat it! Delicious!