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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Elder Inman Letter January 13, 2014

Mahalo from Montana!

A successful week! We taught over 20 lessons this week! It sounds like it was a pretty good week back home too, other than Dad getting sick. Glad you're feeling better now though!

Let's see...
Tuesday we did a lot of walking. No one seemed to be home (including Sondra), but we walked all the way up to Shawn's home (on top of the hill). We only had 10 minutes again but she had some PERFECT Plan of Salvation questions. She is a devout practicing Catholic but disagrees with some of its teachings. She had questions about those who don't have an opportunity to be baptized in this life so we talked briefly about the Spirit World. We left her the Plan of Salvation pamphlet that she says she has been reading :) We stopped by her house yesterday and she didn't have time so we set up an appointment today at 4 (even though it's p-day) for an actual discussion on the Plan of Salvation! Pretty excited about that. Fun act about walking up there, we had a random dog follow us for 2 hours straight. It even waited for us to finish our appointment and then walked down with us all the way to the Post office where our truck was. Maybe it wanted the Gospel!  Dinner that night was with the Reynoso's, an awesome family. However, we had a pineapple upside-down cake...I didn't know till I had already ate it. It felt like someone stabbed me in the stomach when I got home (I'm allergic).

Wednesday we actually visited with Tim Robins! After a month of not seeing him. He was happy we came back and says he misses the Sacrament. Also found a new investigator in a part-member family named John. His wife is inactive and he has read some anti-Mormon stuff. Here we go again.

Thursday we visited several people, including Sylvester from a few weeks ago. He showed us a lot of his woodwork. He built a sweet cabin chair. For dinner we ate at the Tanners and had a cool conversation about foreordination.

Friday. District Meeting. We had some incredible discussions! I was so stoked to give my discussion about faith. President Mecham challenged us to have faith enough to raise the dead. So, I studied Joseph Smith's, "Lectures on Faith" and Gerald Lund's summery on them. They talk about faith as a process, rather than a concept. There are 4 tiers of faith with 3 things in the process to develop them: hope, action, and confirmation. I have a whole new perspective. Later that evening we went to see a former investigator form several years ago named Rodd Stafford. He believes in spirituality, God, and Christ, but says our faith has to much "dogma." Added principles like the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine & Covenants. But the lesson went well I guess.

Remember Dee? She has been a potential investigator for quite a while. Earlier in the week we set up an appointment with her for Saturday morning. What's funny is the Jehovah Witness' showed up right after we did when we set up the appointment. When they learned of the appointment, they asked Dee to be there for our discussion....a horrible idea. Thankfully Dee called first and asked us. We said we would like at least our first discussion to be just us, but maybe another time we could visit. She was ok with that. We taught the first discussion and...SHE ACCEPTED BAPTISM! That's TWO in two week!

So this week is "Truck Crash Week." The missionaries in Columbia Falls actually totaled their truck a few weeks ago (no one hurt). They had to rely on their on the members for every appointment they had. So the Kalispell Stake President says, "I LOVE crashing trucks! So we are going to have a Truck Crash Week where from 5-9 every night, the members are responsible for driving us to every appointment. A pretty cool concept!

Well that was my week. It has actually warmed up but windier. We had a rain storm that glazed all the ice so it is nice and slippery now. I hope you have a great week! Love you all!
Typical Montana. The first one is actually a 7 foot long wolf. Bigger than the bears. Crazy right?