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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elder Inman Letter December 3, 2013

I suppose it's a liiiittle chilly...

Hey fambam and friends! Yesterday was not our pday, and technically it is not today either haha. Saturday is our official pday this week, because our whole zone is having a Christmas party, wooo! But instead of waiting till Saturday and then emailing again 2 days later, we decided to email today, and take off some of our pday time on Saturday to proselyte. So here it is!
For one, the deep freeze has begun. Because the last few winters have been mild, it is expected that this one will be very harsh. This week for example, the high for Tuesday is 10 and the lows all week expected to be in the negatives. My first experience with negative numbers woohoo!!!! Driving in the snow is actually kind of exciting. Just a little sketchy on the hills.
Let's see...Monday we went bowling and played some basketball. Have you ever heard of HuHot? It's a Mongolian Grill, where they cook in front of you? It is SO good and we went there for dinner Monday. A member paid for us :D The blessings of being a missionary!
Nothing exciting happened Tuesday, other than Anne (the lady we chop wood for), gave us both ties that she signed which is awesome! She is such a neat lady. We are actually going to be teaching her soon! Today in fact! Wednesday sucked. Tim, the Less-active we helped get to church, hates us now. Expecting him to be in a good mood, we went over to see how he was doing. He was fuming when he opened the door. Apparently, when we helped him get ready for church Sunday morning, he forgot to eat breakfast. Being a diabetic, it made him really sick after church. So he put all the blame on us and proceeded to yell at us saying we were no help to him and he doesnt want us to visit him anymore. Which is really sad considering he told us when we first met with him, that he was miserable and felt lonely. Within the last 5 weeks, he was completely changing and happier. And because of this one experience, he claims we did nothing for him and he was happy the way he was. So that hurt.
Thanksgiving was a lot better though! Other than the fact that someone decided to egg our truck (and only our truck, parked 6 miles outside of town). The egg froze to the paint, so it took off paint when we washed it off in the freezing cold. We're claiming it was Tim lol. Thanksgiving dinner was phenomenal. We had Thanksgiving over at the Allens. Brother Allen was baptized a few months ago. Both he and Sister Allen were chef's their whole lives, Brother Allen worked at 5 star restaurants. We had Prime Rib, in addition to turkey, stuffing, and the whole works. One of the best meals I've ever had.
"Black Friday" was pretty good. We found a new less-active family with the last name of Jensen. The coolest part? Brother Jensen's home ward is actually the ward that Lacey is currently serving in! Isn't that crazy?! THe Mormon world is so small.
Saturday we spent most of the day at the church. The Lakeside Elders needed the baptismal font, so we were there a few hours early to fill it up. With the Lakeside Elders, we played basketball and hide n' seek while we waited the 2.5 hours for it to fill up.
I can't believe it's December already. I hit 10 months in 3 days. Being fast Sunday (December 1st), we had some awesome testimonies given about trials and appearances. We had a super cool experience later on Sunday with one of the Priest-aged young men named Drew. Drew is an awesome kid but not entirely stoked about a mission. So we showed up to his house and convinced him to go tracting with us haha. Assuming it would be like all tracting experiences (no luck), we told him he wouldnt have to talk at all. Within 3 doors, we were offered hot chocolate and were able to have a 1.5 hour discussion with a very kind Catholic couple. Their names are Dave and Cindy. Dave is very knowledgeable and is staunch Catholic (which is a good thing). It is very difficult to not Bible bash. But he said we are welcome over any time. So we have a new investigator woot! Please pray for Him and us.
Last of all, yesterday. Yesterday was pretty cool. Every year, the Kalispell stake does something called a Creche. Another word for Nativity I guess? It is actually multi-denominational, and the High School Choirs perform in it. It just happens to be held at the Stake Center :D So from about 830AM-5PM, we were helping with the set-up. I could not believe how extensive the decorating was. There were probably 20 christmas trees put up, Garland hung everywhere, stars strung from the ceiling, a 20 foot main tree, a live manger scene, and over 250+ Creche's. So stoked! The event is actually held Thursday and Friday. We are not allowed to preach at all, but we will be wheeling the senior's around to the different exhibits and shoveling snow. Pretty neat. While we were decorating, a mini blizzard hit. See pictures below :D
Well it sounds like you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! How is Grandma doing? And how is Grandpa's fingers? The 5k sounds like it was a success! What a great project. And it paid for part of Dom's mission, that is pretty dang cool. Today is Dom's birthday! 20 years old. I miss that kid and am so dang proud of him. I'm sure he is changing people's lives, including his own. It truly is a huge blessing that we were able to become such great friends. And if it weren't for the experience I had in helping Dom and him helping me, I don't know that I would be on a mission. Love ya Dom!

I hope you all have a great week! Stay warm in the brisk Arizona "Winter!" Haha Love you!