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Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Inman Letter February 25, 2013


Hey family and friends! I am still alive and well. I wasn't sure if I would even be able to email in my area. My P-day is on Mondays and the library here is closed on Mondays. So I am currently using a store computer that is usually used for a register...but gotta do what you gotta do! So where to start....The day of transfers I was in the car for about 5 hours. I am in a small town called Sheridan, Montana. It's Southwest of Helena and Butte and there is a grand total of approximately 800 people here! :) Haha super rural and open country. I was lucky enough to go to a pretty area surrounded by mountains for my first area. I see deer every day and it snows on and off every other day! I'm lovin it. Elder Villejo is my first trainer. He was born and raised in the Phillipines, lived in Hawaii for 2 years and English is his third language! So I tease him from time to time haha but he teases me back. He is the ONLY missionary in Montana permitted to have a guitar, so we sing to member and non-member families. Pretty sweet. There is SO much work to do here. After going through the ward list there are more in-actives than actives. 68 inactive member families to be exact. It's tough to teach here because there are 13 different churches JUST in Sheridan that I'm aware of. Prominently Lutheran and Jehovah Witness. BUT we are both so pumped and ready to go. Also, the average age here is 70 years old. Lots of widows. It's tough to teach someone who has been part of another church for 70 years but we're working at it.

Let's see...within my first week I have:

1. Placed a Book of Mormon within 4 houses of tracting which was sweet.
2. Found 3 new investigators.
3. Dedicated my first home
4. Visited 4 inactive members
5. And committed one of them ^ to sacrament meeting again.

The spirit has helped us so much! None of that would have happened without the spirit. The people here are either REALLY kind or REALLY mean haha. Everyone knows everyone's business and the Mormons dont have a good reputation here. But we aren't worried about it :) OH! I forgot to mention that our stake is in BUTTE and our WARD covers 6 towns over 35 miles of land. Oh and we're on FOOT. With ice. and mud. Pretty awesome. Tell Torie I've worn here beanie quite a few times!

The members here feed us well but I've been staying in shape. I had Elk roast for sunday dinner and that was AMAZING. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is a hunter. Never seen so much taxodermy haha pretty awesome.

One last story. We were walking back to our awesome apartment and a lady stopped us named Angel. Probably the freakiest lady I've ever met. HUGE EYES with dilated pupils. Her brain had to have been cooked by crack. She only had bottom teeth and they were ready to fall out any second. She wanted me and Elder Villejo to go to court and defend one of her friends....yeah. Hahah anyways thats all for this week! I'm loving it and staying warm for the most part! I'll try and attach a few pictures! Love you and miss you all!

My address for the next 4 weeks (at least unless I stay through next transfer) is:

Elder Jacob Inman
305 boundary street apt #3
Sheridan, MT 59749

OH. Tell mom I NEED my other suit. We are and ALL suit mission and have to wear it ALL THE TIME with no dry cleaning. Tell her to send it asap if we can afford it. Sending it to the mission home would be best and it would get here quickest through the post office...but might be pricier. Love you!