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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Elder Inman Letter December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

It was SO great to see all of you! I'm happy that Lacey and Eric made it as well as Grandpa and Grandma. We have such a legit family! I enjoyed all the pictures from Little Christmas and from Christmas at home. We have a nice tree as well but not a lot of decorations. Jesse has gotten HUGE! How tall is he now? Is he taller than me? He seriously got so big I feel like I won't even recognize him coming off the airplane. Holy Moly.

Last Monday after emailing we actually did a white elephant gift exchang. I brought this super ugly stuffed troll we found in the apartment haha. Wish I took a picture with it before giving it away. We spent the entire evening tracting trying to show the "He is the Gift" video and we had some pretty good success that night.

Tuesday was sweet as I was able to drive to Sheridan where I was trained. I love that town! Like I told you on Skype, one of the members who was previously Less-Active took us all out to lunch at the Wagon Wheel, which is now owned by the Bishop in Sheridan Ward! So i got to see a lot of familiar faces there.

Christmas Eve we weekly planned...all of our appointments fell through. We kind of expected that though. A little later we practiced teaching the Restoration to the Fairbanks (the family that sent you the picture and let us skype on Christmas). The evening consisted of caroling to about 5 people in the nursing home...I still don't sing!

Christmas was so sweet this year. We had regular studies and then the Williams (who we live with) made some breakfast casserole for us that was so good. From the Williams we went to the Fairbanks home and skyped! I'm glad we got it kind of figured out with Lacey's phone. Better than not at all! After we skyped we played a few games with the Fairbanks. One of them was called "Pandemic." I actually loved the game. Basically it's everyone versus the game. You prevent the human race from dying from disease. We lost.

Around 4PM we went to the dinner with Sister Marshall's parents (the lady who took us out to eat and called about the Baby blessing). It was really cool to meet all of her innactive or non-member family and we really hope to be able to teach them soon. I ate way too much food.

The rest of the evening we played games with the Williams (Monopoly Deal). The day after Christmas was not good though. Elder Mathis got way sick. He was throwing up like crazy. We think he may have caught the norovirus and we had to stay in all day. he slept literally till 4PM and I just read, wrote letters, and slept some myself. Staying inside is tough! I was getting super anxious because I felt useless but we definitely needed to stay in.

Saturday Elder Mathis was still somewhat sick but we went out anyway. Good thing too! We actually gave 4 priesthood blessings. The first two was to a baby in the hospital. Once for healing, and the second one was to give it a name and blessing. The family we did it for is less-active and even part-member. The Great-Grandfather did the actual blessing, we just assisted and anointed. Then we gave the Sisters blessings of healing as they also were really sick.

Yesterday was my birthday! Thank you for the classy tie and tie bar! I got many compliments on them at church! The subway gift card will be super handy because we live far out of town so it saves us a trip home. And thank you Lacey and Eric for the beanie! This week I lost Torie's Beanie that she made for me :( I'm really praying that I find it because I loved it and have worn it my entire mission! So the new beanie came at a great time since today it got down to 0 degrees!

Everyone have a great week! Be safe in the wintry storms of Surprise, AZ! Haha. I love you all!