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Friday, July 18, 2014

Elder Inman Letter July 14, 2014

Begin Transfer #13 ...

Busy transfer week! Starting Monday, Elder Rasmusson packed a bit and we started visiting members that he wanted to say bye too. We actually had dinner with the Greenwald's who are doing fantastic! They both started reading the Book of Mormon and are about halfway through 1 Nephi already. Afterwards we visited the Davis', President and Sister Hopkin, and the See's (who just got married). Lots of tears from the members! Elder Rasmusson was here for a while...

Tuesday Elder Rasmusson left along with about half our zone! We spent the day visiting more people and taking lots of pictures. Since my new companion hadn't come yet, I was with Elder Salvador again who was also waiting for his companion. We visited a family with a last name of Rackley and talked to one of the less-active sons quite a bit. We committed him to pray every evening and we would play basketball with him today as a reward! i guess he's been doing it because we remind him every night haha.

Wednesday I spent the day with Elder Salvador and NO ONE was home. It was also incredibly hot. We taught one lesson outside with a teenager by the name of Braden Wilder. It was the first discussion (again) and he committed to be baptized once he received an answer of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon! However, he intends on listening to it online...while playing League of we'll see how in tune with the Spirit he'll be. 

I am officially companions with Elder Braden! Who was in the same MTC District with me nearly 18 months ago :D Our first day was interesting as we had to drive to Billings to pick up an Elder's lost luggage and then bring it down through Cody. Took out a large chunk of our day but I love roadtrips! Our first appointment was in the Evening with the Pratt family. We re-taught them the Restoration and Elder Braden felt prompted to ask if either of them wanted a Priesthood blessing. Brother Pratt (who is currently no longer a member of the church) consented and was given a blessing. Both were in tears. Yes! Our next appointment was with the Spomers. We had Dyllun (the 7 year old preparing for baptism) draw out the Plan of Salvation as we described it and it was pretty effective! Our last appointment that evening was with Stephan, his girlfriend Annie, and JT who is Annie's 10 year old son. JT comes to church weekly on his own with the help of a ride from ward members. Stephan is Less-Active and Annie is a non-member. The lesson started off pretty contentious as none of them (other than JT) had any desire to ever do anything. We taught a powerful lesson about prayer and the concerns they had would be answered if they came to church for just sacrament meeting. The challenge was accepted and they will be there next week!

Friday we visited our new investigator Gene. We will probably teach him via movies from now on haha. We also had a good lesson with the Kiers. Right now, Sister Kier does not intend on being baptized but is supportive of David (her 7 year old son) and Jim her husband being active in it. We had a really good lesson about trials and what baptism would mean for her and her family, and we are praying that she will feel the spirit and decide to investigate further! Please pray for her!

Saturday I resisted the temptation to destroy a less-active man in a bash. He joined the church a long time ago for the sole purpose of marrying an LDS girl. He since then has founded much anti material, and pointed his finger quite a few times at me and Elder Braden with a raised voice. It occurred to me that as Elder Braden and I were completely calm and soft with our voices, the only reason he would raise his would be due to his fighting with the Holy Ghost testifying to him what we said was true. It was that thought that convinced me that I did not need to prove anything, as he was already striving to diminish the Holy Ghost in the room. We had a member with us who happens to be a temple sealer and taught this man in school. He gave the closing prayer and it was flat out AWESOME. He poured his soul out to God for this man to once again find the truth and to one day go to the temple. He taught the Apostasy and how all churches have good but we know this is the only true church. Well done Brother Cottrell :) We left and will probably never go back.

Yesterday's Sacrament meeting was pretty good. It was Ward Conference in 3rd ward so we had some really good talks on conversion, temple, and FH work. Only 3% of members in the church actually do FH work and the ordinances being performed are exceeding the number of names being submitted to the temple. The Billings Temple actually RAN out of Sealings to do. Do your family History!

Other than that, things are good here and the weather is warming up. I have been assigned to talk about temples and family history in the upcoming zone conference, so I am getting prepared for that. Sounds like the girls have a fun week planned in California! And Dad and Jesse can just chill haha. How was Torie's experience in DC? Have a great week! Love you all!