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Monday, June 9, 2014

Elder Inman Letter June 9, 2014

Long Week

Trek sounded amazing! I am so jealous that I was not able to go and be a big brother. When is the next one? Reading all of your email made me cry...each time. All of you had a spiritual experience it sounds like and I am amazed at each of them! I bet President Thalman made a great Brigham Young. Thank you for all the pictures! Write down everything you can remember from Trek in your journals!
My week was very abnormal. I already emailed you Wednesday so I don't have a whole lot else to say. Elder Goday from the Seventy was pretty cool! His topics were interesting though...for the first hour he talked about Eternal Marriage and how we need to realize that that is our next step after our missions. I think the idea was that our marriages will largely mirror what kind of missionary we are and will be? Either way it was interesting.
Thursday was Mission Leadership Council in Helena. The drive was BEAUTIFUL! Everything is beginning to turn Green and blossom. After my mission I have decided that I am driving the whole family to roadtrip my mission! I still haven't caught up on sleep though from this last week. You put 10 Elders in one room and you definatelly don't get to bed on time. So I am still exhausted :) We didn't get home until about 4PM on Friday, so we were there most of the week. It was fun, but it is good to be back here in Powell.
Friday we visited Marva, an eternal investigator of 12 years. She said she doesn't like people asking her when she is getting baptize. Well Marva, that would get solved if you would just do it because you know the church is true anyways...the appointment with the Spomers after that was much better though! 2 weeks ago I made a promise to the Spomers in Christ's name. Sister Spomer is a convert of 7 years and the both of them have gone less-active as of recent. They both were stressed out of their minds and felt they simply could not make it to church. Part of that, was the work Sister Spomer does. I have no idea what her work entails, but she was extremely stressed out about not meeting her quota of 300 garnishes. I promised her that if she came to church for 2 weeks for all three hours, she would receive a renewed energy to her body, the week would be less stressful, and the numbers would take care of themselves (not knowing just how extensive of a promise that was). Well a week ago at church, I guess the situation got worse. But they both did their end of the promise. We went by Friday and the promise was fulfilled in whole. She even got a day off. The Lord honors his promises made by his servants when they are righteous and according to his will. One of my gfavorite things to do as a missionary is make these promises that I know can happen because we act under Priesthood Keys baring the Lord's name.
On Saturday we assisted Chris Pelletier for about 4 hours installing a 500lb+ window.  After installation he realized that the window was so tinted that it didn't even let in any light. At all. Pointless. Haha but whatever. We also met with the Pederson's. All of them want to be baptized (which is awesome) but none of them really want to give up their bad habits (problematic).
Yesterday we ran into a lot of grumpy people. I suppose i would be upset too if someone came and told me I needed to repent when I know their right. People think they can ride coat-tails into heaven because they were sealed to their parents. False. It does not eliminate your personal responsibility. We found a less-active couple named the Sullivans. Something interesting about that a mission rule, we are supposed to be home by 930PM AT THE LATEST. Right at 930PM, their TV started blaring. Remember a few months ago when that happened? The Spirit was gone instantly. I see why exact obedience brings blessings!
Well that's a bout it. Didn't get to teach much this week because of all the driving and meetings. Also, yes mom I got your package! I forgot to thank you for that! I ate those gummies pretty fast and I love that cd! Sister Medonich also sent me a package with fun stuff in it. I need to write her back.