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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Elder Inman Letter February 3, 2014


Wow. I hit my official year mark on the 6th, but I will be home in less than a year. That's really weird to think about! But kind of exciting as well. I am not trunky, it's way to early for that but it is a good feeling to count down rather than up if that makes sense?
Monday's P-day was pretty sweet. Originally we wanted to watch Ephraims Rescue as a zone  but decided we didnt want to establish a tradition of Elder/Sister movie we didn't haha. Instead we played games like "Signs" and other interactive games. Elder Rasmusson and I were fortunate to come across a 5 gallon bucket of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. We cut it into 9 sections and had an ice cream carving contest between the 9 companionships there haha it was awesome!
Fun story about Monday:
On our way out of the house, Elder Rasmusson realized that he left the car keys inside. We locked the door on the way out and realized that the house keys are also on the car keys.. SO, we tried breaking in a number of ways but had no success. The members we lived with weren't home, so we had to be pretty creative. After praying about it, we decided to try the cat/doggy door. I was definately too big for it, so Elder Rasmusson tried it and got stuck! After getting him loose he tried head first. Didn't work. But then the thought came to go head first with one arm in, unlock the door from underneath, and open the door! He managed to do it and I pushed the door open while Elder Rasmusson was sweeping the floor with his torso haha. He was still in the door xD Pretty funny.
That evening, we actually travelled up to Billings with the Sister Training Leaders for Mission Leadership Council. This is my first offocial one, although I presented the phone reports to the mission leadership council previously when I was in Rimrock. We stayed the night in Billings and left for Helena at 4:30AM. The meeting mainly consisted of how we can improve as a mission while implementing things in our specific zones. I was actually in a frustrated mood, because I feel like many ZL's are way to prideful and abuse their leadership. We got back to Billings at about 9PM.
Wednesday Morning we drove back to Cody, WY to our District Meeting. I was SO tired! We took up probably an hour of the District Meeting implementing new iPad rules that were established at the Council. After District Meeting, a Sister asked me to give her a blessing. I had no idea what for but that was the coolest part. After the blessing, in tears, she said it was the best blessing she has ever recieved. I have a testimony of the power of the Priesthood. That God speaks to his children not only through prayer, but through other people. I don't remember one word I said in that blessing, but that is because it was not me. My mouth was opened and filled. So that was awesome. We also picked up a 3rd companion Wednesday. His name is Elder Ashcroft and has been out 19 months. He is with us for a special reason that I won't divulge, but be praying for him :) He has actually been awesome to have around and is pretty funny!
We double booked dinners by accident...I had "Hawg Heaven" which was a pound of pulled pork, and then forgot about the other dinner we had which was chilly and homemade cornbread. I couldn't move. Other fun things about Wednesday, we have begun volunteering at an animal shelter. All the dogs there are $45 WITH shots and neutered. I wanted to buy one! Anyways, they also had a cat room...a literal cat room of 32 cats. We filled their food and water dishes while Elder Rasmusson cleaned all the litter boxes. I HATE cats.
Thursday and Friday we helped a lady move and clean her home. Nothing too exciting. Friday we met with Beau ...I don't remember if I have talked about him or not. Beau is a member of the church but is very skeptical. He knows the answers to his own questions but lacks the motivation or the trust in God to follow them. We committed him to read and pray with his family for a week straight, no exceptions, and his desires would change. He accepted and we'll see.
Saturday I sheet-rocked! It's been a while since I've done that! We helped an inactive man sheetrock his home. He's really weird but I enjoy working. It is a break from the stresses of missionary work. The highlight of Saturday was visiting the Rackness Family. Sister Rackness is an active member but her husband is not a member. They had us over for dinner and we taught the first discussion. Brother Rackness is a super nice guy but might have a few hang-ups.
Seahawks huh? Super-bowl Sunday is a terrible day for proselyting haha. Either no one was home, or everyone was and we were not invited. However, we had SIX investigators at church and are planning on putting 2 of them on Bap Date this week! Pray for us!!!!!! I am doing well here, and Elder Rasmusson and I are a sweet companionship! He went to BYU, is majoring in Physics, and is from Reno, NV. We get along awesome.  
I am so jealous you get to go to the Gilbert Temple open house. Not fair! I miss the temple so much. Jensen and Shane are shipping out soon?! They were 16 and 17 when I left! Ahhhh! Tell those two to email me. They both haven't written or emailed me once! Love you!
Pictures of Mission Leadership Council