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Monday, December 30, 2013

Elder Inman Letter December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Family and Friends! It was SO good to see you on Christmas. Almost unreal. It was a fairly relaxing week and I enjoyed all the letters and Christmas Cards! So my week went something like this:

On Monday, we ate at Five Guys and then someone paid for our haircuts at Great Clips :) For dinner that night, we ate at the Reynoso's accompanied by Elder Beck and Elder Keith who serve in Polson. They stayed the night because we had District Meeting the next morning in Kalispell. We played "Sequence" with the Reynoso's and my team won all three times! I remember playing sequence for Family Home Evening all the time as a kid!

Tuesday was pretty awesome. From 9-12 we had a "Zone District Meeting (riddle me that)" where we had talks centered in Christ's Atonement. Really good. Following that, we all went to the Shaw's home who are a senior couple that covers this zone. They cooked each of us missionaries a 16oz steak with potatoes and vegetables. So delicious. We spent the day there going on a short hike in the snow, some snowball fights, some indoor games, singing around a campfire, and we watched, "Mr. Kreugars Christmas." We were there for about 9 hours! Just relaxing. It was so nice.

Christmas was good as well :) Skyping home was awesome and I got to skype Lacey, Dom, and even Alex Hackney in Indiana. All serving missions which is so cool! We had breakfast cooked for us at the Allens, and had dinner at the Stimpsons. After dinner we went to the Wagers where we played a game called, "Aggravation." It is similar to "Sorry" but with marbles, dice, and no one is sorry when they get you out. So aggravating ;) Haha

Service Service Service! I would do service my whole mission if I could. Geri, the devout Catholic that eats with us at the Wagers, asked us to stack wood for her. Then she took us out to lunch/. Later that day, we coordinated with the Kalispell Sisters to do some service for a part-member family they are teaching. The sisters painted, while Elder Parker and I cut trim for a few door frames and the floor boards of the house. Cutting trim  is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Everything is so precise and the walls weren't even parallel haha. But it was fun and we got to teach a lesson afterward that I think went pretty well.

Friday I was a lumberjack again. We split wood for Anne. I ended up breaking her axe (oops). The wood was frozen, so it was a lot harder to chop. When stuck in the wood, you usually have to take a sludge hammer and it the top of the axe to continue splitting it.  hit it one to many time and the axe broke lol. But I'll replace it for her. Later on Friday we carpooled down to Missoula where we had a Training meeting (even though this is my fourth time training). I brought all of my gifts with me haha. We stayed the night in a set of Elder's apartment and I opened my presents the next morning (Saturday). Nice picks on the ties! I especially like the blue one! And I was so stoked to get that Book. I was hoping the whole time that was what it was! I have already read some of it and it is so helpful. Thank you so much! The meeting was not the most fun. It was long. But I got to see Elder Packham, so that was fun. My birthday dinner was at the Wagers who made me breakfast for dinner and a confetti cake! Provided by the McCann's :)

Yesterday we taught Primary. The key to success in Primary is candy. Bishop Bunker gave a really good "5th Sunday Lesson" about developing a testimony directly with God, and not just leaning on another's. People are constantly moving in and out of our lives, and can change. God is constant. We need to develop a direct link with him as soon as we can. We had a continuation of that lesson with Sister Harris referencing Alma 32. We also visited that really nice Catholic couple with the big house. They happily let us in and we talked for about 10 minutes before their dinner. THey invited us back and actually said we could come to their Bible study! SO that should be good!

Well I hope you all have an awesome new year!  I can't believe it is 2014 already. A time of change and resolutions. I love all of you and tell Jesse he did awesome on the Harmonica! I saw the video that Reed sent!
Thank you for the stories and especially the last one! That really opens your eyes to see what Christ did for each one of us who is spiritually blind. Family history has also been kind of interesting to me lately as Grandpa has been sharing some stories with me in addition to these! I hope you have a great week! You are a huge example to me and I miss you! Love you!