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Monday, December 16, 2013

Elder Inman Letter December 16, 2013

Weird Week ...

Well we did some things this week I never really thought I would do on a mission! But I guess in Montana anything goes!

Tuesday we went to go see a lady named Karen (CAR-IN). She's a very strange innactive lady who raises wolves. A wolf lady...Anyways, she knows a guy who cuts meat and he gives her all the left over deer parts to feed the wolves. So, Elder Denslow and I were hauling boxes of deer heads, backbones, legs, etc, into her backyard. Still with the skin on the heads and everything. So it was cool to see real wolves so close but kind of weird to the hauling a box full of deer heads to feed them!

It snowed SO much this week. The weather reporters are saying this winter will be the coldest it has been in 40 years! Just our luck huh? I don't care, I'm loving it! It snowed 2 days straight, so we had close to 15 inches outside! Super deep! And now I know what black ice is like! Nearly crashed into a stop sign :D But we didn't due to my superior driving skills...just kidding, I'm sure God is credit to that one.

Elder Beck was with us for 2 days. He's serving down in Polson and is going to be training this transfer so he didn't have a companion. We had a SUPER solid lesson with Sister Harris again on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She sincerely prayed and had an experience that most don't hear but in the Ensign. She read us her journal in tears about her experience (which I won't share in detail), but she has received her testimony again after 3 years of inactivity! Later that day (Wednesday), we helped like 5 people get their cars un-stuck! In suits we were pushing cars, it was awesome :)

Thursday was a really rough day. But we got to eat dinner with a less-active, part-member family that went really well! The husband is not a member. He was showing us all his war pictures from Iraq and let us sit in his sweet Porsche in the garage. Something kind of crazy, he told us about this man in Iraq who had this huge brick of cash and was willing to die before giving it up. It turns out that this "stash" was "Taliban Hold Money." In Afghanistan, the Taliban created their own currency. It's not worth anything at all. But the idea was, that should the Taliban ever take power (never), this is the ONLY currency worth something. He gave us each a bill. So if the Taliban ever take control, I have $10,000 Afghanis! Equivalent to about $10.

Friday Elder Beck was still with us. We helped Sister McCann (the members we live with), set up the Christmas lights outside, and I made my very first official snowman! It's a lot of work! Friday was also my first time giving a baptismal interview as a District Leader!!! That was so cool! The Spirit was incredibly strong and it was so cool to here someone's conversion story. We met with Sister Jensen that night. Brother Jensen's home ward is actually the ward that Lacey is currently serving in!!! Crazy right? That lesson with Sister Jensen was incredible. Both her and Sister Jensen were at church this Sunday :)

Saturday was the ward Christmas party. It went pretty good I guess. I wish it was more focused on the Savior, but it was all well and good. We were actually under the stage narrating the Grinch's thoughts.
Some news Elder Denslow is getting transferred to Great Falls. I am receiving Elder Parker, who was here about a week ago. He has been on a mission for 7 weeks.

Thank you so much for the Christmas packages! I got both of them :D I can actually Skype you from my iPad! So pretty much whenever. We are planning on a Christmas Breakfast and Dinner, so probably early or late afternoon. I'll work around Lacey like last time :) It sounds like the Christmas party was a success! I miss things like that! Something kind of cool though, is Elder and Sister Shaw (Senior couple over this area), is having the whole zone over for Christmas Eve from 1-8 just to hang out and relax! That will be so nice. Should still have P-day on Monday. Dad, thank you so much for your Q and A from your mission, those were awesome! I didn't know most of those things! I will be praying for Jesse. Hope you all have an awesome week! I love and miss you all!