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Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Inman Letter November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!

Not in my top 10 of favorite weeks for sure, but we are working hard. We had a lot happen this week not in our favor. But that's just how it goes sometimes.

Had my first District Meeting as a DL! That was a little nerve racking but it actually went really well, the spirit was very strong :) I get to assign the discussions and pick the topics, so that is kind of fun :D My district is very small. It is only us, the Kalispell sisters, and the Zone Leaders. But it is fun!
This was Tuesday...the rest of that day was horrible. I don't think I have ever been so angry than I was Tuesday. We were tracting way out in a super rural and foresty area. We came up to a door and did the typical approach explaining that after Christ was resurrected he visited the Americas and it was recorded in a book by ancient prophets. This man at the door just listened, so we continued to talk about Joseph Smith. He said, "Oh yeah I know about Joseph Smith." We asked what he knew and he said, "that he had a gold book that no one else saw." I kindly corrected him saying that 11 others actually saw them as well. His reply was, "have you seen them?" We help up the paper copy haha. He said, "Do you have any jokes?" Off guard, we simply said, "jokes?" He proceeded to give probably the most disrespectful, mocking, and heart wrenching "joke" about the Savior's sacrifice. We were speechless. I will not repeat it. We left in shock, literally shaking with fury. I felt prompted to return. Elder Denslow and I wanted to make sure it was a prompting and not out of anger though. So we prayed several times and waited about 10 minutes to cool off. I won't lie, it was terrifying walking up to that door a second time. But I realized that Christ gave all for me. He defended me to His death. I wanted to testify to this man of Jesus Christ (I actually wanted to rebuke the crap out of him, but I was going to control myself). I knocked on his door and waited for about 5 seconds. Elder Denslow said, "We need to leave now," so we did... Walking away from the door, I had the most overwhelming peace and comfort. I don't think the prompting was to actually speak with this man that was "past feeling." The prompting was to see if I actually would. On a very smaller scale, that was one of my "Abrahamic challenges." To test my faith and conversion. It was a very profound experience.

Wednesday wasn't a lot better. Remember Fletcher? The guy we promised last Sunday he would have an answer? We returned Wednesday night and he invited us in. He said he read 3 Nephi 11 twice, studied, prayed, and he even went over the verses he had concerns with with us. But he felt he couldn't get over the Trinity and only read the Bible. Although I was assured by the spirit that he was honestly searching. Sure, he may have had some set answers prior to praying but he was cross-referencing, asking questions, and even admitted a lot of our doctrine makes absolute sense. But he felt the spirit told him no. It just wasn't the right time, and he even said maybe he'll find out it's true later. But for now, this is what he felt was right. And I'm ok with that.

Something good came out of Wednesday though. Anne, the lady we split wood for, gave both of us brand new rain jackets from her gift shop in Bigfork! It's a souvenir shop that she owns, and these jackets are SO nice...with "Bigfork" embroidered on the chest. Very nice of her.

NONE of those potential investigators were interested which was frustrating. We taught Tim, one of our Less-Active recent converts twice this week. He is 76 and has a "woe is me" attitude and not wanting to do anything about it. He told us he only has faith in Himself which isn't good. I ended up calling him a Lamanite out of frustration (not directly haha). He brought up how the Lamanites never wanted to be righteous and how the Nephites were righteous but ended up losing in the end. So I asked him, "Which one are you Tim?!" Haha. He just does not want to show any faith. And the missionaries who taught him a year ago didn't teach him half of the Gospel.

Saturday we split wood for Anne again. It was a lot harder this time because the logs were soaked due to the snow. It took longer and less got done but I still enjoyed myself :) She lives a ways out there, on the Swan Lake so we spent some time skipping rocks at the lake. It is gorgeous up here.

Grandma got a kidney WOOOOO!!!! That is so exciting and incredible! What a blessing. And even greater to hear that it was a good match. How is grandpa's health doing? I miss them both a lot. I always looked forward to going to grandma's on Sundays :) Thank you for the package mom! Those socks make a huge difference in keeping my feet warm! Today I am going to Cabela's to buy work service shoes are trashed, and my snow boots aren't really meant for service work. In answer to dad's question, I am serving in the Bigfork area and the ward covers the whole Eastern side of Flathead Lake. Kalispell is where the zone leaders are, about 20 miles away.

Well Happy Veteran's day! Thank you to all who have served, are serving, or will serve! It is because of you that allows me to practice the religion I love and know to be true. I have so much respect for all of you and know that many prayers are given in your behalf! Have a great week everyone! Good luck Torie at Super State, you will do awesome! I love you all!

Flathead Lake (Snow)
Skipping Rocks on Swan Lake