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Monday, September 16, 2013

Elder Inman Letter September 16, 2013

Transfers once again!

Looks like the Rimrock YSA ward just can't get rid of me! I am staying here another 6 weeks in the Singles Ward and in the office :D Super excited! Elder Brisco, is getting transferred to Livingston, just outside of Bozeman. I will be finishing Elder Yeske's training, who was Elder Packham's (one of my friends) companion. Super excited! From what I've been told, Elder Yeske is social and is also a tech guy.
We were able to teach a little more this week which was nice. Our newest investigator, Josh, is progressing and we have been meeting with him pretty regularly! He's actually on date to be baptized this Saturday, but that was just a goal. He won't make that date, but he will definitely be baptized! Monday we taught him the Plan of Salvation and it all seemed to make sense to him. He's a really smart guy but just has some anxiety. So we are doing our best to help him overcome that. A cool thing about that: we met with him this last Friday at the church and we taught the third discussion (The Gospel of Jesus Christ). He talked about how he has been praying out loud for an answer to one of his prayers, and that he had the faith that if he were to open the Book of Mormon, he could receive an answer (how cool is that?). Of all the chapters he could turn to, he was taken to Jacob 5, the allegory of the olive tree. He said he read a verse that talked about the natural branches choking the roots which were still good, and that he felt that way. And then how grafting in new branches (the gospel) could preserve those roots and help him get over his anxiety! How cool is that!? He then ASKED for a Priesthood blessing. I had the opportunity to give it, and he was told that if he took a leap of faith by attending church, that his spiritual body would be strengthened and would overcome his physical trials. Almost immediately afterward, he had this huge smile on his face, said thank you, and walked out. He was walking on cloud nine :) So that was a very neat experience.

Eliza is doing better. We have been meeting with her pretty regularly as well. This week, we taught her the story when Christ raised the Daughter of Jairus. That through the faith of the FATHER,, his daughter who was already dead, was raised. On the way to raise her, a woman touched the hem of Christ's robe, having sufficient faith to be healed. Notice, that not once did Jairus complain or try to get Christ to hurry and see his daughter. he was patient, and knew that with Christ, anything was possible. We promised Eliza that she could be healed too, but according to her faith. She feels like she has to be perfect to attend church. One of Satan's great lies. I am very familiar with that feeling. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I teared up when testifying about the miracle of Forgiveness.

Later that Thursday, we helped a member of our ward move some things out of one of his friend's basement. Everything they owned was destroyed from that storm. Everything. It had filled up 4 feet high. One of the things was a piano. Completely destroyed and unusable. We literally had to destroy their piano by breaking it to pieces, move it out, and uphill to the garage. Super sad :/

Friday...not a good day. Had a little Deja Vu. My bike got stolen. Our area hasn't had bikes in months. We just got brand new 2014 Giant Sedona's worth $450 a piece. Hadn't even ridden it yet. it was locked up and someone took a pair of bolt cutters and stole it. So maddening.

Saturday, we talked to a native for a little while outside of Albertsons. Every single homeless person here claims they were Mormon at one time. As if that would help them get money from us lol. "Oh yeah I was baptized Mormon." Every single one of them without fail. Anyways, this native was actually a lady I've talked to before named Rhonda Ray American Horse. She was really drunk when she was talking to us, but she just asked that we pray for her. Which never hurts.

Glad you got the sheet music Dad! And that Jesse got the sunglasses! Does he like them? That is so cool to hear of all the Tender Mercies the family is receiving from Lacey and i serving missions! You aren't going to want us to come home haha. Speaking of Lacey, she turned 22 yesterday! Crazy stuff! I don't know if she'll read this or not but i love you Lacey! You are one of my best friends and i can't wait to see you!
Spiritual Thoughts:
In Lehi's dream, it is interesting that we focus so much on the interpretations of the minor things. The mist, the darkness, the filthy water, and even the iron rod. We overlook the whole focus of the dream. The Tree of Life. Nephi describes the tree as, "whiter than the driven snow." The tree is the Savior and the fruit is his Atonement. The tree, "whose fruit was desirable to make one happy" should be our center focus. Lehi wanted his whole family to partake of this fruit, as does our Heavenly Father. We have all grabbed hold of the Iron Rod at Baptism and "feel" our way towards that tree. There were some who were ashamed once they took of the fruit because of those mocking. We never need to be ashamed of our faith.
Love you all! Have a great week!