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Monday, April 8, 2013

Elder Inman Letter April 8, 2013

Hey family and friends!

E. Villejo and I just got back from the Senior Center. Sister Talbot (an older widow here) volunteers to cook at the Senior Center for 11 months out of the year! Such a great lady. Today she was short handed so E. Villejo and I helped out with preparing the food, serving the seniors (kind of like waitors) and washing the dishes. It was actually a pretty cool experience and we got some free tukey burgers out of it! :D Mormons seem to agree to anything if there is food involved. It was also a really good opportunity to get our names out there and for the seniors to see us giving service. Hopeing that might open some doors for us! So we did that from about 10:45 tillllllllll 1:30ish I think. Going back tomorrow!

What an awesome session of conference huh?! Lots of good stuff, I hope you all got to watch it or attend! This week seemed a bit slow as far as missionary work goes. Not a lot went on but still had some good experiences. Transfers were last week so the mission in general has been kind of hectic with new missionaries coming in and old missionaries leaving. E. Villejo and i were pretty excited that we are still here in Sheridan though. The ward is just flat out awesome here. I don't remember what we did each day so I'll just write about the few experiences that we had as I remember them.

Monday night we had dinner with Sister Smith (the lady we built a fence for). She brought 2 non-members over to eat dinner with us so we were super excited! One of the non-members was actually who picked us up from our apartment. Her name was Gloria, and has been great friends with Sister Smith for a long time. Sister Smith's neighbor named Clous (CLOW-S) was also there. After an amazing dinner, (I just realized how much I talk about food in these weekly letters...but that's another experience), we all sat down and Elder Villejo took out his guitar. We sang, "I know That my Redeemer Lives" and he said it was "very nice." We asked him afterward if we could visit him sometime, and he said that we could! Sister Smith on Easter, had brought him over an Easter Basket with a Book of Mormon in it haha. he said he has started to read it! So we'll see.

On Wednesday we went back to Sister Smith's for another service project. This time, we raked here ENTIRE Montana-sized backyard to clear all the leaves, rocks and sticks so that she can plant grass before all the rain comes. It was actually kind of enjoyable and the weather was nice! I also got to drive her lawnmower haha. 

Thursday was the most productive day of the week. We first visited with a new investigator named Ron Kee. He has met with missionaries before, but isn't necessarily interested. He's an extremely nice guy who likes to travel a lot. After asking about his beliefs, he said that he doesn't feel the need to attend church as long as he "Loves God and treats his neighbor as himself." So he happily lets us in and is willing to discuss our "viewpoints" but has a difficult time committing to any one church because he is afraid of choosing the wrong one. This is why prayer and the Holy Ghost is so key! He's exactly right! We could preach to him allllll day long about how we are the correct church  We could throw every scripture imaginable at him and it would do no good. Until he (or whomever it may be), actually kneels down and sincerely wants to the know the truth, he will never know which church is correct. We are only the preachers. The SPIRIT is the teacher. (I got that one from E. Villejo haha). So after chatting for about 1.5 hours, we thought we would visit James (our ex-communicated J-dub). Turns out he used to work for "The Watchotwer" and got ex-communicated because he told them he felt like a slave. And he felt like they never gave him the support he needed in times of trial. So on our newly fixed bikes (thank heavens), we found James actually outside walking his dog. After telling us some random World War II history, we gave him the second Discussion (the Plan of Salvation) while still on our bikes outside. He agreed with everything we said and then (of course) Satan needed to interrupt. One of his buddies rolled up in his car and decided to conveniently visit with him while we were mid-discussion. Boooooooo. So we said we would come back later.

Later that night we visited a new couple called "The Wards." They moved here a few years ago from Alaska and are really into art. Jackie (the wife) was extremely kind to us and we just visited for a while. Her husband, Doug (who is also very nice) said something similar to what Ron Kee said. He does not see the point in going to church just once a week if the other 6 days people aren't religious. He said they weren't interested in the discussions but neither of them minded if we came by to visit at any time or if we shared a quick spiritual message each time. Both of them were extremely nice to us and open with us. Doug really likes the blugrass music, so E. Villejo and I are working on a song he really likes. Gotta open up a door somehow right? Then they sent us home with lemon bars :D

Friday we were in Twin Bridges. Nobody at all was home :( So we did a lot of roaming. Mike Bias has been out of town, he does guided fishing tours and stuff like that all over the state and in Idaho, so we havent been able to meet with him. The Vial's (an awesome member family) found us in the street and invited us over for dinner. So we happily accepted and had an awesome meal. They live on a beautiful set of property with a long rocky driveway. Since it is almost planting season, E. Villejo and I helped Brother Vial and his two sons pick up rocks a long side of the road so that it would be easier to till and what not (I think).

Saturday was conference and we watched it with Sister Stalder (who lives right next door). We then went to try and finish our discussion with James. We got to his house and he offered us, "non-alcoholic beer" haha. We declined but I thought it was funny. He then spent about 30 minutes showing us kung foo moves (keep in mind this guy is 75 and has a New Jersey accent). Haha so he told us all these stories where he has used kung foo. Apparently he also used to train for the Olympics and was a trainer for Mr. America. You wouldn't know that seeing him now, but I we just rolled with it. Everyone has their glory days! Our discussion didn't get very far. We got to the Spirit World...J-dubs DO NOT believe in anything close to the Spirit world. They believe that once you die, you more or less become mush. Both your spirit and body remain in a state of nothingness until the Resurrection. Which is a whole other topic. It kind of turned into a bash of conflicting scriptures and he told us that we were teaching false gospel (with reference to Galatians 1:6-9). We held our own but said we needed to go. He said that he still wants us to come back and teach him so that's good. Say a prayer for him!

So not a bad week. We did visit Gene. His excuse for not reading the Book of Mormon is that the print is to small...which may actually be true. But his Bible is the same size so we will never know for sure. So we're working on giving him a copy with larger print haha. No more excuses!

Anyway that's it for this week! I'm doing well and still pushing forward! Not the youngest in our District anymore! Hit my 2 month mark 2 days ago! Woooo! Sounds like home is doing well! i'm glad you got the package, I tried to make it fun for all of you! Glad to hear Jesse likes his coon hat haha hopefully it isn't to big! Torie's doll was handmade, I did't buy it at a store! I'm sure she'll take good care of it :) Sounds like the garden is looking good and I bet the flowers look pretty! What's the weather there? The weather has been warm here the last few days. But today it's a high of 36 and it hailed yesterday! Pretty sweet.

Thoughts from conference:
"Satan is no match for the Savior. Satan's fate is decided. He knows he has lost. But he wants to take as many of us as he can, with him." - Richard G. Scott (Sat Afternoon)
"There are some things that must be left to the Lord." - Richard G. Scott
"Peace comes from knowing that the Savior knows who we are" - Quintin L. Cook
"A friend will not make you choose between your values or their friendship."- Robert D. Hales (Priesthood Session)
"Sometimes we are the lightening rod, and we must take the heat." -Robert D. Hales
"Glorify God's name by standing strong with the Savior Jesus Christ."- Robert D. Hales
"With increased vision, comes increased motivation" -Tad R. Callister
"Healing comes from leaving the darkness and moving towards God's light" -Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Sun Morning)
"Spiritual light cannot be discerned by carnal eyes." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
"Hold the ground you have already won, even if it is limited." -Jeffery R. Holland (Sun Afternoon)
"Do not start your quest for faith by first stating how little you have." - Jeffery R. Holland
"Jesus' teachings were not theoretical. They were meant to be acted upon." -Dallin H. Oaks
And I have been trying to read the New Testament from beginning to end. I am currently in 2 Corinthians but came across these:
1 Corinthians 2:9: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him"
1 Corinthians 3:8-16: (from my journal)
      By God's grace, Jesus Christ laid the foundation for our souls. But we are the builders. We choose what goes on that foundation. We can put whatever we want on it. But the day will come, in a very real sense, that our "homes" will be tried by fire (verse 13). If we built correctly, are still standing, and have not burned, "he shall recieve a reward." For we are the temple of God.

Have an awesome week!

The picture is me today! I hit 200 pounds the other night...scary!