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Monday, March 4, 2013

Elder Inman Letter March 4, 2013

It's been quite the week! Things are awesome here in Sheridan/ Twin Bridges. We cover 35 miles of ward boundaries and no, we dont have a car to get from city to city haha. The ward members do their best to help us out with that.The ward here is amazing. There are many widows and they treat us like their grandchildren! Sister Stalder (an 82 year old widow) lives next to us and she gets us food EVERY DAY including homemade bread from her own wheat. I've had Elk steak, pork chops, homemade potatoes, lots of homemade desserts and quite a bit of eggs. My companion loves eggs, being from the Phillipines haha. He's an older missionary (24) but has been out for a year. He actually bought his guitar up here and President Mecham told him he could keep it if he uses it in his proselyting. So we do! And as a result...we got asked to sing in SACRAMENT MEETING this Sunday -__- Elder Villejo wants me to do a solo. That's not happening haha.

Hmm...experiences this week.
1: Nobody was home in Twin bridges so we were tracting for a long time. We came across a devout Jehovah's witness that claimed we didn't know anything about the Bible (while still at the door step). Regardless, she let us in and we talked for over an hour. The conversation went from The Fall of Adam and Eve, to the end of the world, to "God's Government" and then she decided to bring up war and why she does not solute the flag...yeah. Everything was fine at first, and we were both respectful. Till she brought up the military and drilled it into us why we don't need a military. Carefully and as nice as I could I explained that she would not be living in the home, country, or town she is living in, nor would she or I be allowed to worship freely. I also explained that that is why the pilgrims came to this country in the first place. Freedom of Religion and a military to defend that right. It got contentious, we lost the Spirit, so we left. Kind of fun though :)

2. THE NEXT DAY (Friday March 1), we were proselyting/tracting in Twin Bridges. Just walking along a dirt road, a guy pulls over in his car next to us. I'll just quote my journal..
"Are you the Mormon Elders?"
"Yes! How are you doing?"
"Did you know Joseph Smith had 23 false prophecies that have not and will not come to pass?"
I replied, "Care to name one?" A little taken a-back he said,
"Doctrine and Covenants 1:17" So I read the verse out loud, and he said,
"No that's not the right one..." Strike One. Turns out he's hard-core baptist. If your going to claim something at least get the right verse. He proceeded to tell us how Joseph Smith was a false Prophet and how he has been to our sacrament meetings before. We testified of the first vision and the Book of Mormon. Continuing to deny it, Elder Villejo said,
"Who started the Baptist church?" He studdered and said it was made from Jesus Christ. We said,
"Cool, so is ours! A prophet and 12 Apostles!" Strike 2. I said,
"Well, do a little bit of homework, read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and when you find it to be true, give us a call." (Granted I could have handled that better but I got carried away haha).
He replied, "No you do your homework, I already know it's not true." How old are we? It's just a testimony to me that if a 60 year old man takes the time to stop two young men and persecute something he's ignorant of, the church HAS to be true. Real Christ-like man.

Anyways :) I DID have a great week. We are teaching a man named Mike Bias. He has been coming to church for 8 years now and investigating 13 years. We were over at the Bishops house for linner yesterday and he came. We talked for seriously 5 hours with him. Super genius guy who knows the church is true but is afraid that he will fall away if he is baptized. We testified that that is WHY we attend church. Renew the covenants we make. We don't go to church because we are perfect, we go to church because we are not perfect. We got him to tear up a bit and the spirit was incredibly strong. Later that night, some of the Breakhall's extended family came over for desert and familiy home evening so we sang for them. I dont know how this whole singing thing started but it works!

SO today I am in Butte, Montana. Such a sweet town. All the Elder's in our stake are getting together to play some bball and shop at Walmart haha. The library here is 3 stories. A super big mining town. I'm learning all sorts of history about Montana. Turns our there are 3 world famous rivers here for fishing. And Brother Clark, the high priest group leader in our ward, is internationally known. He's the only known Doctor to have performed a successful surgery on a baby while still in the womb...he gets calls from other countries for advice, it's kind of crazy. Lots of amazing ward members. Anyways, things are going amazing. We've found 4 new investigators, have discussions every day, and our name is going around town pretty quick. The people here are so humble and I wouldn't mind staying in this area another 6 months!

That's my spiel for the week. How is everybody? Thank you all for the letters, they definitely keep me going! How is good ole "Surp City?" (Surprise). It's been ridiculously windy here. In the 20's. The electric boots i've used once, and they're pretty awesome. I see deer every day and occasionally moose come around town! Love and miss you all!
Also, include in the blog I walked a good 6.5 miles uphill yesterday! haha have a great week! Miss you!
Jack, Dylan at the Brick Oven prior to MTC Drop-off

Elder Chelson, MTC Companion

MTC District

Twin Bridges, MT
Elder Villejo, 1st Mission Field Companion (from the Phillipines)