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Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Inman Letter March 25, 2013

Exchanges week!

So once a transfer (6 weeks) the District Leader will switch places with another missionary for a few days to shake things up. So, Elder McKee (the DL) was with E. Villejo Tuesday-Thursday and I was actually in a town called Dillon. Dillon has about 5,000-6,000 people so it's considered a bigger town up here. I was with E. Richens who has been out 15 months and actually served in Sheridan for his first area. I wasn't sure I was going to get a long with E. Richins, but it turned out to be pretty fun! For one, Dillon has a car, so that was nice. We went to see a guy who is on house arrest and played Monopoly Deal, which is the card version of Monopoly and only takes about 30 minutes as opposed to three days :) Then we helped out with the Pinewood Derby and basically ran the whole thing.

On Wednesday, we had trouble finding people to teach so, we went to Murdoch's which is a ranching store with a little bit of everything. I bought my first ever cowboy hat (yes, I did) which is usually $50 but I got it for a $11! A cool thing about Montana is there is no sales tax on anything. Later that night we went with a guy named Javier to help him do his home teaching. That was kind of neat.

Thursday was probably the highlight of the week. E. Villejo and E. McKee came down to Dillon and we kind of hung out all day because we didn't have rides to get anywhere. The cars get limited amount of miles every transfer but they don't tell you your limit till like 2 weeks left of the transfer. We found out that we had only 50 miles left for the next 11 days and it was 30 miles just to get to District meeting tomorrow haha. But anyways, Villejo and McKee came down and we went to Murdoch's, McDonald's, and an ice cream place. We all used fake names on our orders at McDonald's haha! E. Villejo said his name was "Mahanna" (from Johnny Lingo) and they believed him because he's an islander! So they called out, "Mahanna?" and we all started laughing. I told them my name was Mufasa from the lion king and they just went with it. Awesome. I definitely recommend trying it.

Gene. The one we thought was over 90 turns out to be 82, we asked him. We've been getting kind of frustrated with him because he refuses to read the Book of Mormon and does not believe in organized religion. But this Friday we had a neat experience with him. I was back in Sheridan with E. Villejo and we went to see him. We were informed by someone who knows him, that he actually has dementia. That makes sense, because we've taught him the first discussion 4 times and he still has the same questions we've answered every visit. However, this last time, we challenged him to come to church. We have before, but he said his health isn't usually good enough. So...we PROMISED him...that by the power of Jesus Christ he would be healthy enough to come to church this Sunday.

Sunday came around and he was sitting there in the foyer waiting for us. He was wearing an eye patch because the sun irritates one of his eyes but he was there..dressed in all white. He almost looked like a temple worker. I was so excited!!! Our first investigator to come to church! And the Lord had answered our prayers and Gene's. Then we realized it was fast and testimony meeting. I got nervous reallllllly quick. Testimony meetings are hit or miss for investigators. It turned out to be an AWESOME meeting and the Spirit was so strong. Afterwards, he was supposed to attend his Bible study but instead went home. And we conveniently left a copy of the Book of Mormon in his living room. So we are hoping to visit him this week to check up.

After church was over, one of the youth was going to be baptized. The entire ward stayed just to see this 8 year old be baptized by his father and I thought that was so neat. Every single ward member was there to support. This ward truly is a family and has taken it to a whole new level. We had dinner at Bishop Breakall's home. His daughter from BYU-I was here for the weekend. It turns out that she snapped the same ligament in her ankle playing basketball as I did playing with Matt Smith about 2 years ago! She wanted her dad to give her a blessing and the Bishop asked us to help with the blessing. Jeanie (the daughter) asked if I would do the anointing and asked what the oil actually does. We explained that Olive Oil is the purest oil and has been consecrated and set apart specifically set apart for healing hte sick. An account of anointing with oil can be found in James 5:14-15. So we proceeded with the blessing. About five minutes later Jeanie started to get teary eyed and said her ankle didn't hurt. She was walking flat-footed on it and was limping on it moments before. My testimony grew of the power of the priesthood and that it works according to the faith of the priesthood as well as the one being blessed. A miracle.

So that was my week! Lots of exciting stuff and the work is finally beginning to pick up. E. Villejo and I are doing all the pruning here and Sheridan and more than likely, Elders later on will harvest the wheat. We are just planting the seeds. But I'm okay with that because the Lord doesn't count baptisms, he counts conversions. It doesn't matter who does the reaping so long as they are converted in the Lord's timing.

I can wait for this Easter Sunday. E. Vilejo and I are running the whole program. We are both giving talks, one on the Atonement and one on the Resurrection. We also are doing a musical number, "I know that my Redeemer lives." It isn't until this year that I have sincerely looked at what the true meaning of Easter is. Read the talk, "None were with Him" by Jeffery R. Holland from the 2007 April GC.

Home sounds crazy as usual! How was Prom Torie? Is Jesse still dancing away? He better not be taller than me when I get home! I'll definitely be fatter than him...I've only been out a month and have gained 9 pounds. Yikes. Mom, I've always admired that you magnify your calling in seminary. The kids dont realize how much work you do and I know the Lord will bless you for it. I hope they pay attention to their teachers because the MTC does not teach you doctrine like they used to. You are expected to know the scriptures and are taught more how to teach instead.

Hope you all are healthy! I love and miss you all! The church is true!

PS - So this is the end part of a talk ONLY GIVEN in the MTC. It is not published. I thought you would enjoy Elder Hollands Testimony. Happy Easter!

The Atonement- Jeffery R. Holland
(Two mp3 tracks below. Hope they work.)